Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Rollcall update

I've decided it is time to update the roll call again. Time has marched on and everyone is older. A lot of it you will know if you've read it before. So here goes.

Boar is the head of the household, my caring DH. Then there is me . . I'm Mama Bear . . . my lovelies call me that so I thought it would do.  :)

Our oldest son is Absent-Minded Professor, A-M Prof for short. His lovely wife is Moneypenny and they have two gorgeous girls, Sunshine, who is now 4 years old, and Poppet, who is 2 years old.

Our oldest daughter chose the name Smurfette for herself.

Our second son is Braveheart. His ex-partner is, Chuckles, and she is the mother of their two awesome boys, Halfpint, who is 4 years old and Battler, who is 2 years old.

Next is our second daughter, Frosty, whose partner is Jester. They have an awesome son, Chip, who is 3 years old now.

Following on is our third son, Brains, yup, after the dude on Thunderbirds.

Last in the line-up is our third daughter, Locket, it's what I've called her for years.

There's also Pa, who may sometimes be called Mr P, depending what I remember to put. Ma, or Mrs P, will be mentioned as well, though sadly she has now passed on. They are my parents. Boar's parents passed on quite a while ago now, before either of our two youngest were born.

There is a whole extended family, but they are in another post or this one would be way too long!

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