Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Time Flies

Well over a week has gone by!
The school holidays are on and things are a bit quieter.
Not a lot though.

Today we got our old/new and improved computer.
Tonight I''ve been setting it up as best I can.
One thing I've discovered is that Blogger comes up with an error message with Internet Explorer.
Which means I can't post unless I use Pa's computer.
Which more-or-less restricts me to the night-time hours.

I had a brainwave/thought to try Mozilla Firefox.
I'm able to write in the proper pane so hopefully it will work.
Pretty tired after all the brain activity to set up the computer so I'm going to head for bed.
Might throw a bit more wood on the fire first.

Then a cup of hot milk with honey and nutmeg and bed. 
My eyes are trying to shut themselves.

Ok, going to try and post this now.

Hmmmm just discovered I got two posts out of order.
Didn't notice there was an unfinished draft.
Oh, well such is life!


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