Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tuesday 1 October

Today was a fairly quiet sort of day for me.
Got up and made some porridge for my breakfast.
Spent quite a bit of time on the computer.
When I checked my email there was one from another home-educator.
She had a few questions for me.
Her son is a similar age to Brains.
She hoped I didn't mind her emailing me.
I didn't mind at all, and replied to her.
Took a while, and then I checked banking.
Pa had caught a bus over to Wadestown to sort a bit more stuff up.
Jester had gone out.
Frosty and I had a catch up chat which was great.
Mr Magoo was awake some of the time.
He gives lovely big beaming smiles.
And when he laughs. . .well you just have to laugh as well because it is such a happy sound :)
Brains and Locket were slow to rise.
They just pottered in the main.
I did put a load of towels through the wash, but didn't get them hung out.
Around 2pm I went and picked Pa up from Wadestown.
He'd been sorting in the shed.
He'd also managed to get all the glass taken for the recycling.
He heard the truck going down the street.
Took the bag of glass out and flagged down the truck.
He explained the recycling bin had been taken.
The guy took the glass and told Pa he could get a new bin from the library.
Once I'd dropped Pa off at Johnsonvale I went to Dick Smith Electronics to get some ink.
Printer had run out of two cartridges.
The local DSE had neither of them.
I got the assistant to check and Porirua had stock.
So I took a trip out there.
Found both cartridges and also picked up a UHF aerial.
They had dropped in price. . . $50
A pretty good deal!
I also popped into Warehouse Stationery.
L-M had given me a diary. One similar to this one below.

I saw some pages that I could use for next year. Mainly the year ones.
Since I wasn't sure if they would fit I took note of the number of rings they were for.
Thought about getting the alphabet index but the only one there was open and tatty.
Was very glad when I got home that I hadn't as I'd forgotten there was one in there.   
Frosty had text me to say that if I got home and Brains and Locket weren't there it was because they had gone to play golf with her and Jester.
We sorted that I would do dinner that night.
She had been going to but it meant she could just relax.
I picked up the few extra things I needed.
We really like the San Remo range of gluten free pasta.

I'd decided to make Macaroni Cheese so got the Macaroni.
I make one cheese sauce and cook ordinary pasta for us, gluten free for Brains and Locket.
Then I split the sauce between the two lots of Macaroni.
People have asked why I don't make just gluten free.
Mainly the cost.
A packet of ordinary pasta is 500g and  around $2.
Gluten free is 250g and usually over $4.

Boar got home fairly early and so went up on the roof to put the aerial up.
Gives me the willies watching him up there!
6 metres up and he's casually sitting on the ridge of the roof.
He got it all sorted and connected.
So we now have digital TV.
Crystal clear picture :)

As well as the Mac Cheese we had mashed potatoes, pumpkin and beans.
Pa had several packets of beans in his freezer which came here.
Frosty, Jester, Brains and Locket arrived back just as dinner was almost ready.

Everyone pronounced dinner as lovely.
Jester likes his meat and didn't notice it was a meatless meal till I mentioned it.

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