Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Day of the Prang

I've been busy going back and forth to Ma & Pa's old house.
We've been plastering, painting, varnishing etc.
Plus the other things in life that need to be done.

My iron is low. . .very low.
Which makes me more tired than usual.
It can affect lots of areas in the body.
Including concentration according to this article
I'm on iron tablets but some days are harder than others.

Which brings me to last Tuesday, 11 Feb.
I went over to put the last topcoat on the walls of my old room.
That went well.
Got some texts from Frosty asking if I was home.
There was a form I needed to sign for Jester.
No. However I would text as I was leaving.
Finished painting and it looked good.
Text Frosty & closed up the house.
Frosty replied just as I was getting into the car.
Tucked my phone away, my bag was on the passenger side floor.
Usually I put it in the back.

Drove off.
My thoughts were running. . .
"OK, it's 1pm. Get home. . .sign the form. . .get changed . . .
will I have time to start the spag bol sauce? . .probably not. . .
will get Brains to make it. . .tell B & L they need to bus to dance today. . .
pick up A & baby by 1.45 . . .Butcher, Chuckles and Halfpint are coming for tea. . .
hope Chuckles scan is ok and the placenta has moved up. . .

Kind of usual for me but a bit busier than some days.
I drove down the road, around the corner with the pine trees,
over the hump where Lytton St meets Wadestown Road.
Around 40-45kph as it's twisty twiny just there so I always slow down.
Round a bit of a bend. . .
. . .out of the corner of my eye saw my bag fall over,
glanced down at it.
Must have pulled the wheel a bit to the left.
And I was already well over to the left as it is a narrow road,
blind corner coming up and people come fast round the opposite way.
Felt the wheel dip, then
I hit a wall.
Thought I'd just bumped it!
Tried to reverse.
Thought I'd better get out and look, thinking maybe I was hooked up.
Guy cane over. He'd stopped.
"Are you ok?"
Yes, I was.
"I don't think you'll be going anywhere!" he said.
I walked around the other side of the car.
Not hooked up.
Tyre popped and front crumpled.
Called a tow truck.
Guy stayed and directed traffic, which was lovely of him.
After a while a police officer turned up.

I felt such a fool.
A moments distraction was all it took.

Doesn't look too bad from this angle

But not so good from this side!
The car bounced around and was left on an angle.

 So instead of the things I was going to do I got a ride home in a cop car,
and later a visit to a doctor.
My shoulders/base of neck were a bit sore,
My middle finger & ring finger on my left hand were achey,
And later my left boob was sore.
Couldn't figure that one out for a bit.
Then realised it was the seat belt.

I was very thankful that I didn't hurt anyone else by crashing into them.
Also that none of my precious children or grandbabies were in the car.
I was thankful I wasn't more badly hurt too.

Today it's ten days after the accident.
The car has been assessed and written off.
Which I don't feel great about especially as it isn't even mine.
I mean, why couldn't it have been the bomby old grey van that is beat up anyway?!

My neck is mostly better, just gets a bit tired sometimes.
My fingers are getting there though not fully better yet.

And Chuckles scan. . .it was good.
Placenta moved up and baby growing well :)

And for me, a lesson learnt.
One I could have done without.

Oh, and I have also learnt. . .
Gutters pull/drag you in!
I never knew this.
When I told the cop I felt the wheel dip he said something like:
That would do it.
Why? I thought to myself.
Have since had several people say that, yes, the gutter drags you in.
And this gutter had around 5cm of tarseal build up.
Which I think acted a bit like a channel.
I don't know for sure and I'm just surmising.

I know I was lucky as it could have been a lot worse.
The damage done at the speed I was doing I can understand more the carnage that is done at much higher speeds especially if it is two vehicles both at high speeds!

I'm thanking God.
And I'm driving as carefully as I can.

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