Saturday, 6 June 2015

Family Holiday

Hard to believe that nearly 6 months have flown by! But they have, packed with the usual busy days.
I was going to write another post today - then I realised I left the last post at January 3rd, the day before we went away, so I thought I'd post some photos of our time away.

We left on the Sunday and had a good trip over the hill. Boar, Brains, Locket and myself. Also heading over were A-M Prof and Moneypenny with Sunshine and Poppet. They actually arrived before us so started scouting out a spot. We didn't take too long to set up, tempers didn't get too frayed which was good. The only negative thing was when I discovered we'd left the mince behind for the traditional first night hamburger patties! I think I was distracted by having other folk in the house when I was getting orgnised.  :|  All good, we just had buns and cheese.

A-M Prof and family went home on Tuesday as he had to work that night. Wednesday Boar went and picked up Butcher, Chuckles, Half-pint and Lil Battler and they came out for the evening, then Boar took them home. Thursday we had some family visitors for the day which was lovely. Friday Frosty and Jester arrived with Mr Magoo for the weekend, and Smurfette came over as well.

So over the course of the week all of our children, their partners and grandchildren had time camping. It's lovely to see the wee grandies getting the same enjoyment out of the place their parents did  :D

So a few photos of the time we were there will suffice for a commentary.

The hills opposite our beautiful camping spot - Photo by Locket

Locket and Sunshine enjoying aunty/niece time

Poppet playing with the river stones. Who needs toys when nature provides!

Moneypenny settling a wee one, enjoying the solitude.

A-M Prof taking Sunshine down to see the jet boat I heard coming up the river.

I think each grandchild had a snooze in the hammock  :)

A misty morning.

The sun coming through and burning the mist away.

Half-pint throwing stones with Boar

Lil Battler having a good look at something!

Jester took Brains eeling and Brains caught this big one!

Mr Magoo making a run for it - to the river of course  :D

The sheep come up pretty close in the mornings.

Camp washing line!

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