Sunday, 7 June 2015

Self-seeded Pumpkins

Sometimes the compost or vege scraps we have produce surprises. We often have self-seeded potatoes, and this year we found a self-seeded pumpkin outside the lounge window. We've been watching it grow and with the warmer weather it has taken off!

It's more or less taken over the whole path and is climbing the walls! It has quite a few flowers on it as well.

And after a hunt we discovered there are already some pumpkins developing  :)

These photos were taken months ago and we got quite a few pumpkins. I think we should have removed all but a couple of the pumpkins as there was one that grew really well and the others weren't quite as good. Not as big and the flavour wasn't as good. It turns out they were Crown pumpkins. 

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