Thursday, 10 March 2016

A New Window

It's a month since I posted anything! Being busy, and tired at night  . . . the days go by so quickly and then before you know it a month has gone past. So to continue with playing catch-up.

6 January 2016

Boar has been working on making a new window for the south side of the house. He did a lot of it after he'd finished work for the day, over a few evenings. He has access to the machines in the joinery factory. Last year he bought home a couple of double-glazed panes of glass that were the wrong size for a job . . . but the right size for us  :)  It is for the upstairs and is the side that gets all the cold winds and weather in the winter here in Wellington.

Painting the frame . . .

The sashes that will hold the glass . . .double glazing to help keep in the warmth in winter.

And it's in . . . and keeping the weather out!

The view from outside. I had to go up the neighbour's path to get this shot.

This is the one on the lower floor that Boar did a year or two ago. It's the only other window on the south side of the house. Hmmm there has been a lot of ivy growing which has been pulled off. Nearly time for a repaint! Lovely hydrangea though  :)

It's been great over the summer. There was a window in the space but this is so much nicer than the other which was an aluminium frame. It served us well and has now headed over the hill to Featherston to be recycled as part of a glasshouse at the home where our son lives.

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