Monday, 4 April 2016

Some Time Away

10 Jan - 18 Jan 2016

Early in January my older brother, Vidor, came down from his home to stay. He did the same last year which gives us a chance to go away for a week. Vidor stays here with Pa to be here if Pa needs any help and to cook a main meal each day.

We headed over the hill to the Wairarapa to our favourite camping spot. 

Not something you see everyday here - a wedding. The brides family have been coming here to camp for 40 years!

Another shot - didn't want to get too close even though the groom had said we were welcome to come and look.

I really like this way of protecting growing veges. I took the photo for reference for the gardens up the back of our place.

Half-pint fast asleep the next morning. This is the hammock-type sleeping space Brains used to sleep in when he was little. 

Lil Battler decided he'd like the whole bed once I'd got out of it! The boys stayed with us for a couple of days as their parents had a few things to sort out.

Breakfast time! Half-pint enjoying his. For some reason meals always seem to taste better in the open air! The small orange and green chairs we found at Bunnings. We bought six so there would be one for each grandchild and one to spare!

A long time since this buggy was used! Locket used to sleep in it, and Brains before her. It's done many rounds of the camping place! Lil Battler enjoying a snooze  :)

Early morning and I love the way the sun is lighting up the underneath of these clouds.

This one too. This was before the sun had come up from behind the hill.

The sheep come pretty close on their morning walk through  . . . this one moved just as I clicked, she was looking right at the camera!

The hazy crescent moon on the night of the 14th Jan. I'd love to have a camera and lens capable of taking more detailed shots.

I managed to finally finish this cross-stitch embroidery. I started it quite a number of years ago so it is good to finally get it to this stage. Now to fully complete it!

Boar and Locket working on a puzzle. We picked it up at an op shop in Carterton.

Love how this cloudy mist is just sitting here . . . not long before the heat of the day caused it to dissipate.

Sunshine decided to stick all her stickers to her face so I couldn't resist getting a photo of that! Poppet is just happy to sit on Moneypenny's lap.

I woke up and got up quite early on our last morning. It was really peaceful and quiet and I needed a bit of time to reflect. I took this photo at 5:37am.

It was a little chilly - early morning chill - so I covered up with my new blanket. I bought it from a stall in North City Plaza in Porirua. The items are all made in Nepal. This blanket is Yak wool and it is lovely - soft, light and warm  :)   I saw it on the stall and I just had to touch it . . . and then I had to buy it!  :x

 Harvesting the yak wool


 The raw yak wool.

The day that Jester, Frosty and Mr Magoo came to visit we went for a walk to the top of the hill. Except for Mr Magoo, he was in the blow-up boat with Pop (Boar). There is a family graveyard belonging to the Morison's up there. Apparently we are related somehow, on my Mum's side I think. I'll have to get the family tree records from my sister so I can check it out.

Not a great shot as it is panorama which always seems to skew/curve the shot! The track meanders up  the hillside. Basically it's a sheep track!

Here is the beginning of it.

It goes behind those trees and then disappears up the slope. I was really pleased with myself when I made it up. It was the steepest walk I'd done since my PE. Jester gave me a hand in one place on the way down as it was steepish and on the edge of the bank. I didn't have my trusty walking pole so was grateful for his steadying hand.

I love the rustic look of this old wooden gate. Most of them now are metal, which last longer, so it is cool to see these ones still in use.

Hay bales . . . always seen in the paddocks in summer. The rectangular ones are still made but these are more often seen these days.

Sheep trail . . . just because!

Manuka or tea tree . . . Captain Cook made a tea drink out of the leaves.

Soon after I took these photos it was time to head home. We'd packed up everything and needed to get back as Vidor had to head home to Opotiki.

We had a good trip home and managed to get the Compact-A-Van onto it's deck before this storm rolled in . . . looking north were the storm is coming from.

Looking south . . . the rain has just started here, big drops pelting down, but the sky to the south is still clear. Not for long though!

It was a good to be able to get a break and some time away. A bit of time to rest, relax, think over things and appreciate the beauty of the world that God created.

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