Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A bit of earthmoving!

19 January 2016

There is a section next door to us, well it's beside and then to the right of us if you are facing it from the street. It has been empty the whole time we have lived here, which is 30+ years. It's had gorse removed, it's had several different owners, it's had a bit of earth removed by one owner . . . but still not developed. Until now!

We knew this was going to happen . . . and got back from our holiday to a different look. The work of cutting the drive had been done, but not the removal of the tonnes of earth. I didn't think to take a before photo.

The drive being created.

The hilltop was higher than the mamaku tree fern behind and to the left of the digger!

 You can see the original height of the bank below our fence on the boundary . . . and the depth it is now.

Another perspective . . . the concrete is the end of the current driveway.

Whilst the earth was being removed there were trucks going up and down all day. It didn't bother me, but it did mean I had to time exits and entries as our drive merges with this one at the road end.

The trucks had to go up front first for traction. Often they reverse in to properties so they can come out front on. These drivers had to reverse down the drive. If I'd just got in the car to go out I'd be able to hear the reverse beeps and get down our drive while the truck was backing down next doors.

There was a roadworks guy there everyday, but if he was in his truck I would creep very slowly up the road till they could see the car . . . and give me the thumbs up that it was clear to go up our drive. Thankfully it was the same guy every day and so he knew who we were and where we lived pretty quickly.

Now we wait to see what is built there, the style of the house etc. The owners who have it now are building a single house on the section. At one time the previous owner wanted to put several townhouses there, so we are glad it is going to be a single dwelling  :)

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