Saturday, 3 March 2018

22 Feb 2018

Here is a photo of one of the weeds the day after having salt applied. It's already starting to wither.

The ivy below has a few spots of burnt edges, but I suspect will need multiple applications. I may end up just pulling it all out!

Today the one thing I wanted to do was to cut down the Hebe by the trampoline. I know the flowers are good for the bees . . . but there are a few that have grown in places where they're in the way. The one below has grown out over the trampoline which is not helpful for the grandchildren who want to jump on it!

In the photo below you can see how the trunk is growing over the step Boar made for the children (ours!) to climb onto the trampoline.

One of the girls came to see what I was doing. They are pretty tame. We only have the two now . . . maybe time to get a few more.

The hebe took me only around 10 minutes to cut down with the pruning saw. It looks clearer now  😁

Later in the afternoon I was looking after Mr Magoo, who turns 5 soon, and I suggested we go up to the trampoline. He jumped happily while I cut down the other Hebe beside the trampoline.

Again it's in the way and will only get bigger. They self-seed really easily . . . At least they seem to on our place!

A lot clearer 😀 Now there's only the honeysuckle, gorse, blackberry, convolvulus, wandering willy and long grass to get control of!

I get a lot of pleasure from these wild flowers I planted late December. It was a wildflower mix and once they took off they grew quite quickly.

Today was one of those days where I was reminded why the place gets so wild and overgrown. It's what I call "an in & out day." In other words I seem to be going here, there & everywhere most of the day meaning getting up to the garden can be a real challenge! I got done what I wanted to though so was happy about that.

This is the first post I've done partly on my phone. We are down to one computer - my laptop. So I need to share it with Boar, which means he uses it in the evening. If I want to keep up with my blog posts I need to use some evening time too. So time to get used to doing it on my phone. As long as I load the photos during the day it works out well 🙌

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