Wednesday, 7 March 2018

24 Feb 2018

The next day I finished clearing this garden bed and felt a small sense of victory! Weeds: 0 - Me: 1      😀  I also got the path between the two gardens cleared as well. When I got to the end near the steps I spied a bit of green so started tugging at it. It was well covered by earth and grass had grown over it but in the end I got it free. Lo and behold a perfectly serviceable price of windbreak fabric! I got most of the dirt off by shaking it. It is 2 - 3 metres in length, and in the photo you can see it folded up near the right front corner by the steps. For now it is spread out in the greenhouse on the unused garden bed. I'll give it a hose off one day soon . . . or more likely put it out on the patio area on a rainy day and let nature wash it!

I remembered when I made the garden steps waaay back I built a couple of small ones from near the main set of steps to the gardens we first built. There was grass covering them however I was able to locate them and free them of the grass. All the steps make it a lot easier to get around the section. They all need some attention though as I've noticed most of the steel reinforcing rods are poking up above the wooden fronts . . . just waiting to catch toes unawares! Time to replace the wood I think. They have been there for years after all . . . since 2003 according to my garden diary!

In the next photo the hens nesting box is in the lower left corner. Just behind it is the first garden we ever built and retained. It is now bulging out at the front though so needs something done to it. There are tyres with potatoes growing in them and a slightly munted flower windmill which I shall soon replace as it brings a smile to my face when I see it twirling in the breeze 😀

Boar has mentioned building another greenhouse on this site. At first I wasn't too keen but now I think it's a great idea. When I mentioned it the other day he was a bit more cautious about the idea so I shall leave the idea with him and see what happens.

Top left of the photo is a peach tree grown from a seedling. Pa grew it from a peach pit from the tree at his place. Braveheart discovered a lone peach on it yesterday so there is hope for it yet! The grass has grown up around it, and honeysuckle vine and convolvulus both do their best to strangle it  😟

Top middle of the photo is yet another Hebe shrub! It is self-seeded like all the rest. If you look closely you can see a dark patch in the gap . . . which is a compost bin hidden by the Hebe. So the Hebe will be going for two reasons. #1 - I want to be able to access the compost bin again. #2 - If we do build another greenhouse the Hebe is in the way. The bees like the Hebes but I shall grow some other plants and flowers to attract bees.

Late in the afternoon our neighbour, D, gave me some lupin seed. He had mentioned it as a nitrogen fixing crop the other day and I'd said it was something I would like to do. It is very timely as I will sow it on the garden bed I just cleared.

Today I remembered another reason I often found it a challenge to get up to the garden for any length of time. Soon after I got my boots on and got up the back to do some clearing I heard wee voices, at first happy but then squabbling, sometimes crying . . . the usual things that seem to happen when a few children of similar age are together. "That's right!" I thought to myself. "I remember getting all the way up the back, not being there very long and having to go back down to sort out squabbles, fights, feed young children, have willing helpers disappear after a very short time etc." The difference today was that they weren't my responsibility - they were their parent's! So I was able to carry on and spend a couple of hours up the back. When I'm the only one looking after any/some of the grandchildren I might get a little bit done, depending on what else is happening at the time.

I remember chatting with my late mother-in-law around 25 years ago and sharing how lovely I thought her garden was and wishing I could get mine looking better. She thanked me and then quietly said that her garden had not looked as it did now when her children were young - they used to dig roads for their toy cars in it! Her comment has always stayed with me and given me hope that eventually I will get on top of it - it just takes time.  😊

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