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Good Friday - 29 March

This morning when I woke up I lay there thinking. I'd planned to go to our church's combined service, then had the thought that I couldn't leave Miss L on her own...then remembered that she was at a sleepover! So used to having to organise the blessings it's strange to not have to.

I'd woken a little later and it was 8ish so I needed to get moving. I wanted to give myself a pedicure...aka cut the toenails! So I filled the foot spa to soak my feet while I enjoyed my morning coffee and toast...multi-tasking!

I was ready around 8.50am and so headed up to the church. Today's service was a combined one and involved walking a cross around the different churches. We started at our church, NBC, with prayer, a bible reading and a of the guys acting as Judas after the crucifixtion. Then we walked as a group to the Cook Islands Presbytarian Church around the corner. I didn't know there was a church there! 

After being welcomed the sunday school did a short acting out of the bible reading, this time about Peter denying he knew Christ 3 times. They also sang a chorus and then the adults sang a hymn in their traditional Cook Island tongue. A gorgeous treat of harmony singing.

After that it was up to the Roman Catholic church not far away. Here we had a bible reading and a short talk by the priest. We also sang a song/hymn.

Then it was off up the short cut..again something I didn't know existed....that leads out to a street that connects with the main road. We walked down to the Anglican church and had a few skits presented portraying one of the disciples, Mary mother of Jesus and one of the soldiers at the cross. It persoanlised the events surrounding the crucifixion, especially Mary..well, for me anyway.

After closing with a song and hymn we walked across the road to the Newlands Community Centre. As we entered we were handed a sheet and I realised that our church was taking a turn with a song.
Amazing Grace by ChrisTomlin, the version from the movie of the same name.
I haven't watched the movie...but methinks I may get it out tomorrow. Apart from watching it myself I think it would be a good one for J.L. and Miss L to see.

My friend, C, was leading the song with S on his guitar. C always puts everything into her worship..all of the worship folk do. We usually have keyboards, guitar, bass guitar and drums as well at our regular services. The service closed with prayer and then there was morning tea...Hot cross buns and a hot drink.

I enjoyed a couple of buns and then headed on home. Miss L was due to arrive home from the GB sleepover soon after 11am. Older sister, C, who is one of the co-captains was there too and was going to drop her home. She was also going to bring home B, who is the daughter of our senior pastor. J, B's mum, had come up to me and asked how I was getting Miss L home as we were walking to the community centre. I quickly figured out that it would be a help if C brought B as well!

In the end the girls wanted to watch the end of a movie and so B's mum ended up being able to pick her up later.

Miss L arrived home with C, both of them feeling a little tired as they hadn't had much sleep...usual for a sleepover. C really wanted to go home and have a nap but was due for a ride at RDA at 2pm so that wasn't an option. She left and text later asking if her car would be ok as she thought she'd left the handbrake on the whole way to Porirua! I think it must have been only slightly on. DH said it should be ok.

I was updating my blog when I got a text saying that B, T and grandson D were on their way to our place. They are attending the wedding as well and are staying the night at B's dad's place. Before too long they arrived and stayed for a short visit. It's quite lovely to have your grandbaby look delighted to see you, crawl up to you and lift his wee arms to be picked up :) and then snuggle in for cuddles. B, T and D lived here when D was first born so he knows us well and as we see them regularly he doesn't forget us between visits.

After they left I went upstairs to finish the 2nd maxi dress I had begun for S. She is due in around 5 weeks so not long to go now. She is working for another couple of weeks. After "the bump" is born she will be able to wear the dresses with a belt :)  I'd stitched together the wee hat I'd knitted and wanted to deliver the dress and hat to her today as she had a day off from work as the local mall is shut due to Good Friday.

It didn't take long and within the hour I'd finished the dress and by 4.30pm walked down to S & J's..a 10 minute wander. S made a cup of coffee and we enjoyed a chat. J was enjoying some TV in their room. What was the lounge they turned into their room several months ago. As it is upstairs next to the kitchen, bathroom and laundry it will be easier when baby is born. The room they were sleeping in is downstairs, not so much fun if you're a bit tender after birth and have to go up and down stairs any time you need the loo, a drink etc!

I ambled home about 7pm. One of the things we talked about was the video of conception I shared on Facebook. S had watched it and commented that she had seen a similar one. That prompted me to do a search and I found what I think is the original here on youtube.

Miss L watched most of it with me and was pretty horrified when I explained that in some countries they do abortions as late as 8months gestation. This was after she had commented on how the baby looks like a baby...after it doesn't look like an alien anymore!...and just needs to grow. Personally I think the video should be compulsory for all girls and boys from around age 11/12 depending on their emotional and biological maturity of course. Just my opinion.

This is one of the things I so enjoy about Home Education. I am able to discuss all sorts with the children. We are able to roam around, touch on & come back to any subjects we choose to. No-one to tell us we need to discuss every other religion except Christianity...or that I can't explain the facts of life along with the facts of the preciousness of sex in a married relationship. Does this mean my children will follow to the letter our morals, ideals etc? I'm not that naive folks!!! They grow up and make their own decisions & choices. As they should.

And are always loved :)

Miss L had squealed when she saw a "huge as" spider walking across the floor of our bedroom. DH missed it and it ran under my old "glory box" or hope chest...used for storage nowadays. Hmmm I thought, not being too keen myself on spiders. As I was reading my book and getting sleepy I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Eeeek there it was! Much to DH's consternation I leapt out of bed, grabbed a glass jar, snuck up and quickly put it down over the arachnid. Slid an envelpoe under the jar opening and DH very kindly liberated it out the bathroom window :) Once upon a time I wouldn't have been able to even catch it...but I'm braver now haha!

Ah...I was able to settle to sleep knowing it wouldn't crawl up in my bed!

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