Friday, 29 March 2013

Wednesday 27 March

Late yesterday afternoon I heard from a friend who home educates and was going to take J.L on a tramp with herself & her son. The tramp was with  TTC or Tararua Tramping Club. I joined a couple of years ago...I haven't been on any proper tramps yet though. Apart from not being very fit I've been anaemic and it doesn't help, especially with hills...flat is ok, but hills leave me pretty breathless. Unfortunately S, the son, was not feeling well so wouldn't be able to do the tramp. J.L was ok with that as he is in for a full on few days with Easter Camp. I offered to still go and pick up the daughter who was going to spend the day with Miss L.

While I was sitting updating the blog Noah, one of our cats, thought he'd try and help. Eventually he sat on a chair. Briah is our grey cat on the scratching post.

Briah must have seen something interesting on next doors driveway!

When Miss L got up she wasn't feeling too well. She did her DDA work and I could tell she didn't really feel like company so it was my turn to ring and cancel the arrangements for the day. A friend text me asking what I was doing and I replied that I needed to work and later the kids had dance.

DH had made a loaf of GF bread and it came out well. We make it in the breadmaker but sometimes for reasons unknown it doesn't rise well. This one did. :) Miss L and J.L. like it when it's fresh, and it's ok for a day or so toasted. To buy a loaf costs around $8 when it is not on special. They can eat a loaf a day easily between them and it is only half the size of the loaves we make..which totals around $56 just for bread if we were to buy it all the time!

D, the youth group pastor, had asked me to do a small alteration for his costume for camp. The theme for their group was clowns and he was...the ringmaster! He had found a jacket and needed a couple of things done to it. So I set to work to make the changes needed. It went well and I delivered it later in the day. I'll upload it soon to my Alyz Creations blog.

At some stage yesterday I saw a video clip on Facebook showing the nine months from conception till just before birth. I got Miss L to watch it as she is at the age where I think it is important for her to understand how amazing and precious the creation of a life is. J.L. came along while she was watching and so watched it after her. I'll see if I can find the link to share.

Miss L was feeling too grotty to go to her dance class today so later in the afternoon I dropped J.L out to his class. DH picked him up when it was over.

It is Miss L's birthday soon and she wanted to make invitations...right as I was preparing dinner! Since we renovated a few years ago it was easy enough for me to help her with spelling. Our kitchen used to be a separate room. One of the best things we did was to take out the wall between the dining room and kitchen. It opened the whole area up and I can be in the kitchen and still see and communicate with whoever is in the dining room or lounge. Here are Miss L's invitations.

The bits in the middle were filled in and printed. Miss L discovered a couple of things I didn't know about. That you can swivel the boxes or words & where the hearts etc were. I'm still learning my way around publisher so it's good to know these things. I think she did an awesome job :)

After dinner I did some prep for J.L's costume for Easter camp. Here is the jacket we found the other day at Savemart.

And the material I found to go with it, which J.L. approved of :) Nice and colourful!

I had the TV on upsatirs and did the prep with it on in the background until 10.30pm. Then it was time to go and pick up T & H from the airport. Their family moved to Auckland earlier in the year but they wanted to attend Easter camp with their old youth group. They are staying the night with us and then a couple more after camp is finished :) J.L. and T are great mates. It's fascinating listening to them debate. 

I gave them till midnight then sent them all off to bed. DH has to go to work in the morning and I was pretty tired too!  

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