Friday, 31 January 2014

Painting & bugs & random things!

Once again time has sped past. A fair amount has been happening. 
Some good, some not so good.
Locket came home after having a great holiday. I'm happy for my children to be off having fun but I'm also glad when they are home safe.

Work has continued on Ma & Pa's old house.

The front door is fully varnished.
It is Kauri and came up beautifully.

A close up of the handles and letter slot

The lounge was being worked on and to make it easier to plaster and paint Boar took the
mantle piece off the fire surround.

This is the marble fireplace that Pa had made.
I guess you could say it was a built-to-order marble fireplace surround.

Brains spent time scraping paint off the window frames to prepare them for painting.

A-M Prof had given the hallway ceiling an undercoat and I gave it
 a coat of ceiling white.
After a second coat I did the walls.
Locket helped with rolling the paint on after I'd done the cutting in.

Th colour on the walls is a white - called Coopers Beach Half
It has a slight greenish tinge when it dries.

Ceiling and walls finished. At first glance it is hard to see the colour difference.
But it is there!

Since these photos were taken I've got the lounge painted, apart from window frames,
architraves and skirting boards.
Also Ma & Pa's old room is almost done.
Hopefully will only need one more coat on the walls.
May need two to cover the pattern though.

I spent some time looking after Little Sunshine as well.
Here are a few pictures.

Getting taller. . .had to shift some glasses up a level after this :)

Investigating the utensils drawer.

Showing great concentration as she spoons yoghurt from the pottle to the bowl.
Most of it had been eaten, I fed it to her as it's not the easiest thing for wee ones to manage!

Couldn't resist taking this photo of her wee hand and gorgeous bracelets.
She was sound asleep here.

One of the days I was driving home from Linden, Tawa to Johnsonville.
I could see the approaching storm.
Black clouds rolling in from the south.

Another view as I went down through this cutting.

About two minutes after this I went up the motorway on ramp and. . .
the rain hit. Pretty hard and fast too it was!

One of the not so great happenings was that A-M Prof was walking with my laptop.
My less than a month old (to me) laptop.
And somehow it flew out of his hands.
Heard an almighty crash.
"What was that?! Don't tell me..."
Couldn't say a word. One look at his face I could tell he was absolutely gutted!

The damage and. . .

The repair job! Computer still works thankfully. . .I'm typing on it now :)
I've also put a butterfly sticker on the glued bit.

Another not great thing was that quite a few of us over a couple of weeks came down with a nasty bug.
Chuckles first. Vomitting and diarrhoea.
She ended up having to have an IV inserted at hospital.
Her midwife sent her there as she, Chuckles that is, couldn't keep anything down.
Not good when you're around 24 weeks pregnant.
Several days later Butcher and Halfpint came down with it.
Luckily Butcher only had it a few hours and was well enough to go to work the next day.
The first day of work for him for the year.

We hadn't been in contact with them for around 5 days.
Maybe the bug has a long incubation.
Or Brains picked it up from someone in the group he spent time with on the Saturday.
However it happened, he was next.
Up all night, semi-collapsed on the floor at one point.
Poor guy vomitted on the floor as he wasn't able to get up.
Once he stopped the next day he slept, for hours.

Locket was next a couple of days later.
I started 10 minutes after her, then Boar around half an hour later!
Lucky for Boar he only had diarrhoea.
Locket and I were up all night.
By Friday I was capable of lying on my bed with my eyes closed.
Hardly able to talk even.
Hit me hard maybe because my iron is so low.
Brains was well enough by then to bring us drinks.
Boar was eating halfway through Friday.
I stuck to watered down flat Lemon & Paeroa :)
Saturday I was a bit better but stayed in bed.
Sunday I had to get up for a few hours as some items were being picked up that had sold on Trade Me.
Had to go to Pa's place for that.
But I went straight back to bed when I got home!
By the Tuesday I was pretty much back to normal.

Wednesday I got a call from A-M Prof.
Moneypenny wasn't well.
I knew she'd had a bit of diarrhoea.
So after taking Pa to his appointment with the Oral Surgeon
I went to pick up Sunshine.
Moneypenny asked if they could all come.
One look told me she definitely needed to!

Moneypenny collapsed into bed here, I saw to Sunshine and Poppet.
Not fun when you are sick and have a nearly two yr old and a 10 wk old who is fully breastfed!
That evening A-M Prof turned up, he was vomitting, plus the diarrhoea started too!
He had to take 2 days off work.
They went home on the Friday.
Not fully 100% but a lot better.

Now my eyes are beginning to close so I'll finish this off and post it!

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