Monday, 2 June 2014

Monday 28 April

Got up round 8.30. Not such a rush today. Had some toast – Roggenbrot Dark Rye with peanut butter. Yum.
Turned on my laptop to do the usual baking checks etc. It's been a long weekend though so no transactions will show. I'm waiting to see the one from SCEE.
Pages weren't loading properly! Not sure if it's my computer, heaps of activity after the long weekend or Pa on his computer too, though that doesn't usually affect it. I logged off as not much point in trying to get sites loaded.
I got Locket up so she could get organised to meet her new friend. Who I'm going to eyeball as a matter of course. Much to Locket's horror. “It'll be awkward, Mum!” Such are the jobs of a mother!
I applied the Betnovate lotion to Pa's back. Hard to tell if the antibiotics and lotion have worked. It's been a month and the spots/pustules keep coming up, not as many though, at least I think not.
Time was moving on. I needed to get on with the dress for Amira but decided to start after I got back from the mall.
Once Locket was ready we went down. I saw her young friend, who is only the same age as Estelle after all! Her birthday is in the same month so she is turning 15 soon. Looks like your average young girl. Has a job somewhere so reasonably responsible I guess.
Went to Marieka's to see if she had covered buttons. Yes, and zips. Also woven invisible zips. Saved me another trip down to Spotlight!
I then went on to Life Pharmacy to pick up the rest of Pa's prescription that we forgot to get last week! That done I decided to pop in and see Frosty at Shampoo Plus. It's her last day there. From tomorrow she'll be full-time at Burger King. Stayed chatting longer than I should. Frosty was funny when I said Locket was meeting a new friend. “Who is she?” She'd seen them walk past the shop, so was thinking, "Oh, ok." Sometimes my older children make me want to crack up laughing. . .they can be almost tougher on the two younger ones than I would be. Or than they think I was on them at the same ages!
After I left Shampoo Plus I went to Countdown to get some meat for a casserole. Seriously watching the pennies at the mo. Boar didn't get paid his full pay so things are very tight. Also I'm trying to pay off the Visa. Our part of it anyway. Frosty & Jester owe money for the TV still. Also they are borrowing $1000 to fix the ute. I'd let them have more if there was more. But there isn't. The materials from SCEE have been paid for. I'll get hit with tax so need to keep some in reserve for that.
Home again and I made a cuppa and headed upstairs. Had a call from Chuckles asking me to change an appointment for Lil Battler's newborn hearing test. Rang and left a message with Chuckles' number.
Then on with the dress. I needed to re-draught parts of the bodice. It still takes me a while and I'd rather take care. Each time I do some draughting I understand a bit more. Locket got home not much after me and continued with the jewellry stand she's making.
I carried on with the draughting process. Stopped for some lunch, and a short break. Brain's emerged. He'd decided to stay in bed and read.
Around 4.30pm I dedcided there was no way I'd have the dress at a stage to take it out to Amira for a fitting. Also the design is different and looser. Text her to let her know. The other reason was that I was feeling rather tired, the weather was packing in and I really didn't feel up to driving at night.
Picked up Pa from the home, then brought the mail in. The Italic handwriting books from Christian Books have arrived. And also Locket's Project Bloom package. The pictures are lovely. The magazine is ok. However I am going to contact them as for the amount I paid I don't think there should be a major grammar glitch and what I think is another girl's name for the profile!!
I got dinner underway, and carried on with the dress. I'm finally cutting it out. Almost made a mistake when I went to cut out the skirts and remembered I was making a slimmer fit lining.
Finished organising dinner. Yummy casserole and mashed spuds for us. Veges, omelette and mashed spuds for Boar.
Dinner done, later than I'd hoped, I headed back upstairs with the last reserves of energy I had. . it was around 8.45pm already. The mealtime seems to take so long these days. I used to be able to eat and 10-15mins later I'd be back upstairs. Especially when I had lots to do.
Got the skirt lining pattern draughted off the block. Forgot to add seam allowances and started cutting it out, arrrrgh! Taped the paper together and added all seam allowances. That's when I knew I was tired and had made a good decision not to go to Titahi Bay tonight. Got the skirt cut out and headed for my bed.
It was after 10pm, my legs were tired and achey, and I needed to stop. Turned my light off round 11.30pm as I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Locket & Brains were still up but I was just too tired to stay awake!

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