Monday, 2 June 2014

Thursday 1 May 2014

Forgot to mention yesterday that Moneypenny text to say the light is up in the hallway. The electrician found the fittings needed for it. Also that the chimney has been checked and is fine, no cracks and has been swept ready to use.
Hmmm, several days later and I really have not too much idea what happened this day! I know that Isaak and Nicholas came, not as early as usual.
I decided on Butter Chicken for dinner as there was some chicken in the freezer, which I got out pretty early in the day.
I checked the TNT site in the morning and the package was “In transit” still. Then I checked again in the afternoon and it was “Out for delivery”. So paying did speed things up :)
Brains, Locket, Isaak & Nicholas went on a walk. Pa went down to see Ma so peace for a while.
I have a meeting to go to tonight. Didn't want to be away from the house too long as the courier might arrive, so I didn't get the coconut milk I needed when I picked Pa up.
The package arrived after 5pm. I put it in my room to open later
Pete was planning on being here soon after 4pm. In the end it was nearly 6pm as what he was doing had taken longer than he'd thought. Which wasn't a problem.
I shot down and got coconut milk. Brains started the Butter Chicken.
I went to the meeting and ate when I got home. Locket had tidied up. She commented that she felt she'd needed a break, to blob out for a while after a busy term and Easter Camp :)
Locket helped me check off the contents of the parcel. It was all there. She started Math PACE 1036NZ. 12 pages straight! Pretty easy though, NZ money, which she handles all the time.
BED as I need to be up reasonably early tomorrow.

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