Sunday, 3 August 2014

Roll Call - Extended Family

The nom de plumes!

Ages ago I meant to write a list of close family members so I could link to it. Finally I have!

My oldest sibling is my sister who I've named Sheri. She has three sons, my nephews.

The oldest is Levi, who is married to a lovely lady, Jamila. They have four children: Gideon, Wendi, Hosea & Daisy.

Next in line is Kato who is married to Callista. A daughter, Latisha, is the oldest. The younger children are Hana, Caia, Akiva & Uriah.

The third son is Sherlock, who stays with us once or twice a year for a week :)

My two other siblings are brothers, Vidor, who is older than me and Perry, who is younger.

There are also Boar, my husband's, family. He has two brothers and two sisters.

Oldest brother is Charles and he is married to Lynne. They have a son Joe.

 Next in the line up is Boar.

Then there is his younger brother, Derek, who is married to Tracey. They have a son, Colin, and a daughter Beth. Colin's partner is Bill.

Next is his sister, Ellie, who is all her niece's and nephew's favourite auntie!

Last in the line up of Boar's siblings is his sister, Viv, who is married to Pete. They have four children. Aaron, who is married to Milly, and their son Josiah. Kelli, who is married to Tama, and their wee girl, Lily. Then Annie, who is married to Brett. The last in the sibling group is Didi.

That's the closest family members on both sides :)

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