Friday, 15 August 2014

Sunday 3 August

I woke up around 6am, then went back to sleep till around 8am. No wee boy here this morning so I relaxed with a cuppa and some breakfast.

Got moving around 9am as Smurfette was picking Sherlock and I up for church around 9.50am. In amongst the usual purse, keys, Bible etc to remember to take I now need to remember to put my new glasses in my bag! It's a bit of an adjustment and I'll get used to it. I'm sure after a while it'll be routine! Just at the moment I have to create a new habit. . .packing/taking them.

Mind you as soon as I read something close-up I soon notice I need them. When I first put them on it's still a bit of a shock as the book, page and words are magnified and I'm not used to it. I'll read what I need to and sometimes glance up. . .and woooooo. . .It's all blurry! I'm finding it a bit weird at the moment. The distance I need them for is approximately elbow length. . . after that it's blurry. So I can read my computer screen fine without them.

The worship was great this morning. I really enjoyed it. Some of the worship songs were Victory, which is one the youth love and I've heard many of them sung themselves hoarse in the mosh pit at Easter Camp earlier in the year. Cornerstone which is a favourite of mine. The Stand  and one which we've had a few times so is newer to me, No Other Name

We headed off soon after the service ended. Smurfette had plans to spend some sister time with Locket, plus Chuckles had text to say they were on their way home to Featherston via our place. We arrived  just as they were pulling up outside.

Butcher put a lovely rolled roast in the freezer for me. It was the reason they were calling in. Chuckles grandparents have a small farmlet and one of their cows had been butchered. Chuckles & Butcher had paid for a quarter of the beast, so had lots of meat. We'll enjoy the piece they gave us one day soon.

They didn't stay long as they needed to get home, it was a lovely visit though. I went and had a bit of a rest, caught up on some things on the computer. Boar arrived home and we had some lunch.

Just before 2.30pm we put the toilet bowl in the boot of the car. . .not our toilet bowl :) The one at Pa's old house is being replaced and there was a 2nd hand bowl here. I'm not sure why it is here. . .maybe plans to put one upstairs. . .one day. Anyway it has a new home. We headed to Grenada village to pick up Ken, who does Hip Hop with Brains, and took them into their practise. Then took the toilet bowl to Wadestown and dropped it off in the garage. Moneypenny and the girls were at her parents for the day and A-M Prof was at work.

On the way home we called into the supermarket to pick up a few things for tea. . .a simple tea of cheese toasties, with corn, spaghetti or tomato depending on what folk wanted. Boar made them as he most often does :) He also took Brains to Traction, the youth group at church.

I was pretty tired still after the busyness of wee folk so I climbed into bed early and caught up a bit on this blog.

Smurfette picked up Brains from Traction and dropped both him and Locket home for us.

I was wanting to go to sleep earlyish. . .but two young men were up very late, or early depending on how you look at it! By 2am I'd had enough and suggested strongly they go to bed, especially Brains.

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