Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A busy week

Well, it's been a while since I updated my blog so I'm going to try and do a quick entry for each day last week

Monday 1st April

In the morning I read for a while. It was a cruisey kind of day and I knew I was in for a fairly busy week so decided some R & R (rest and read!) was in order. Helps me to unwind and relax.

Later in the day I popped down to see S at the retail place she works in. We chatted for a while and then I went on to the supermarket to pick up a few things for dinner.

Dad and bro M were going to be arriving for dinner soon and by the time I got home they were there. I got on with preparing dinner and kept my ears open for a text to let us know the campers were back.

Around 5ish we got a text to say that they were close to Welly, then not much later that they had arrived. There must have been a delay in the signals. DH went off to pick up J.L., T & H and all their gear.

They'd had a good time and were full of chat. One of the activities was Top Town when they wore their circus gear.

Here is J.L. in the full look. There are rainbow coloured braces as well but they are covered by the jacket :) Apparently the pants were admired by many :) :)

We enjoyed dinner chatting and listening to the boys' tales of their time at camp. Dad and M headed off around 9pm.

The boys were all pretty tired so I headed them off to bed around 10ish...and tucked myself up too!

Tuesday 2nd April

I let the boys sleep in as long as they liked. J.L. was pretty tired and I thought he would sleep for a while. I'd suggested that T & H not wake him too early in the morning.

Their early and my early are different :) By 9am T had been up for a while and decided it was time J.L. was roused!

T had organisd to meet some friends at the local pool and so J.L went down with him. Meanwhile H had disappeared upstairs and was busy with the Xbox. I figured this was fine as he was on holiday.

I'd heard from a friend the day before by text and so sent her to text to see if she was free for a chat. It was a day off school for most children for some reason. Since we home educate I don't tend to know unless someone tells me. I knew about this one as it was on the info I'd been emailed by T & H's mum.

P text back that yes she was home and wanted a chat so I called her up and we spoke about this and that as you do. It's great to have friends to chat things over with or just to pass the time of day.

I pottered around and did a bit of this and that...though memory fails me as to what exactly!
J.L arrived home around 1pm. The others were going to walk a friend home and he wasn't keen to trail around for the afternoon. Still feeling pretty tired I think.

Around 3pm I heard H come down.... I think his tummy had finally reminded him that food was needed!

Miss L and J.L had their usual dance classes so we headed off around 4.15pm. I'd said to T that he needed to be here by 6pm as it had been arranged for the two boys to go to friends of their family for dinner. Like a good lad he was here when I got back.

We popped the cases they were leaving at their old home in the van and headed over there. Cases delivered I dropped them off for dinner.

On Tuesdays DH picks up J.L. as usually I take Miss L & her friend E-R in to their Hip Hop class, but as all the schools had a day off so did most of the dance studios. So no Hip Hop for them today.

We had dinner when DH and J.L. got home then later watched the current David Attenborough series that is screening.

T & H were dropped back here around 9pm. T went to bed around 10pm I think and by 10.30pm I'd let J.L and H know it was time to settle down. Miss L had been chased off to bed around 9.30pm.

These days I like to try and settle down around 10.30pm. At least to be in bed and reading for a while before I snooze :)

Wednesday 3rd April

I slept in a bit this morning. I'd turned off the alarm and after DH left for work I must have dozed off again for a while...surfacing around 8.30am! 

H had just got out of bed and was in the lounge looking rather sleepy still. I thought T was up but, no, he was still sleeping.

When T got up he had arranged to meet up with some to try and fit them all in when you're only around for a few days! He headed off to meet up with them.

H was going to see some friends of his for the day...or most of it. J.L. had woken up and was feeling tired, cold and headachey. Either a virus or he still hadn't had his sleep out.

I drove H out to his friends' place north of Porirua, leaving J.L and Miss L to have some down time. When we arrived I was offered a cuppa and as I hadn't seen P for a while gladly accepted. We had a catch up for around an hour before I headed back home.

I was going to be looking after Master D for the night as B & T were going into the city to celebrate a friends birthday. So I knew they'd be staying. I got a text asking if the birthday girl, T and her partner P could stay as well as they had nowhere to stay for the night. Ok, so long as they don't mind mattresses on the floor!

B & T duly arrived with Master D...and asked if the friend who was driving T & P could stay as well...please. Yes, ok. But they'd told 3 others they couldn't!! Hmmm. Nope, definitely not!

Pretty soon it was time for Miss L to go to dance. As B & T weren't sure what time they were leaving I took Master D with me. On the way I had a quick think and sent a text to A to see if they were home. Yes, they were. So after dropping Miss L off I drove to visit A, J & Little O.

The two grandbabies had a good time together. It's a lot of fun seeing them interact...especially when they decide they want each other's drinks!

It was just a short visit and then it was back to the studio to pick up Miss L, then out to get H from his day at his friends' place. Twin boys the same age as him.

I got Miss L to call home on my phone and ask DH to put on some water for pasta. I'd made a meat sauce as I thought there may be a few for dinner. I was right :)

T was having dinner at a friend's place and due back by 8.30pm as their check in time was 9.20pm. H had been fed and said he didn't need any more. Most of the rest tucked in.

Birthday girl T and her partner P arrived and P thanked me for allowing them to stay. T's dad lives locally but wouldn't allow them to spend the night. So they were glad of somewhere to lay their heads.
The girls were getting themselves ready and I overheard the words " the boot of the car..." referring to one of them travelling in it as there were too many for one car!

As I had to go through the city at the same time I suggested a much safer option would be if "the one" travelled in my van!! Thankfully I didn't have to pull "Mum rank" as they accepted and I ended up taking two of the guys in.

Sometime in amongst all this going on the phone rang and it was our niece-in-law E ringing to ask if I would be able to look after wee Miss R in the morning. Yes, sure, no problem :) Miss R can be choosy as to who she will relate to so this is a step forward...she really likes Miss L though so that is probably the draw card!

Master D had been fed Spag Bol and bathed by Miss L with DH keeping an adult eye on them. Miss L then cuddled him while he had his bottle and I put on the lullaby music we've played since he was born. B had commented that Master D no longer settled at other peoples places as fact yelled the place down. I popped him into bed after his bottle and saying good-night to Mummy and Daddy....and he was asleep in 10 minutes! Could be as our place is so familiar since he spent his first 4 1/2 months here...and the lullaby music :)

8.30pm arrived and so did T. So T & H put their bags in the van and hopped in, J.L. climbed in and the two extras, K & D, got in as well. At the last minute T said "Do we have the tickets?"  Thankfully I had printed them off when their mum sent me a copy so I ran in and grabbed them and there was no time lost.

Off we went. Dropped  K & D off by Reading Courtenay as arranged, then on to the airport. Plenty of time which is just how I like it :) I dedcied to treat myself to a Latte as there was a while before their flight at 10pm. Also we were waiting till their mum's flight arrived at 11pm so I needed to stay awake!

Once T & H had gone through the gate J.L and I headed back to the van and after paying $7 for around 35mins parking drove a short distance to Strathmore Road and sat in the van and waited...for free :) It would have cost $17+ for 2hrs and even though F offered to pay for parking since we were way, too expensive. It gave J.L and I a chance to talk anyway which was great :)

We saw the flight taxi down the runway so I text F to say that when they had their bags to text me and we'd pick them up by Departures...avoiding parking fees. It wasn't long before she text and we were soon meeting them. We had a quick catch up as we were driving to F's sister-in-laws home. All good as F is coming here tomorrow for a longer catch-up :)

When we got home DH was tucked up in bed, Miss L was still up but was upstairs as she had put herself on "Master D watch" in case he woke up. All was quiet. Miss L and I chatted a bit and I was in the process of sending her to bed when I heard a grizzle, which became a cry and Master D was awake.........


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