Friday, 5 April 2013

Easter Sunday

I woke earlyish (well for me!) as I'd set my alarm...which I don't usually do on a Sunday. I wanted to attend our church's Easter Sunday breakfast though so it meant being at the church at 8.30am.

Quite a good number of folk turned up. After our senior pastor said grace it was time to load up our plates. I had a sausage, piece of bacon, pancake with maple syrup, Hot cross bun and coffee. I think that was it! I did take a couple of photos but whatever I did it was only half a shot!! So none on here. 

I sat with H & R and we chatted. Getting on to the seat was a little tricky as I was wearing a skirt and it was a table with attached where you had to swing your leg up and over the seat. Thankfully my skirt was long enough!! There was also wee G sitting at our table. I commented that I liked the floral displays and G said "My Grandma owns them!" A closer inspection revealed they were artificial not fresh as I'd originally thought! A clever idea :)

Breakfast was made a bit more exciting in that there was a good breeze blowing and at one point a gust flipped the tablecloth so we had to grab our plates to stop our brekky blowing off the table! I wore R's bowl with a small amount of milk left in it...oh well, clothes wash!

Folk came and went from the tables and so I was able to talk to several different people :)

After finishing brekky I went into the hall area where we worship as it was pretty cool outside. Daughter C text asking if I was going to church could I bring her jeans. I responded that I was there already, but that if she wanted to call her dad...who doesn't have a mobile phone so can't get a text!...she could check if little sis Miss L wanted to come with her or go to church with her dad. As I suspected Miss L chose to come with C :) 

While I was waiting I saw that L was talking to a young aisian couple. It turns out it was their first time at NBC (Newlands Baptist Church). L was explaining that there is Zion Baptist which meets at our old church building and they preach in Mandarin. This young couple wanted an English speaking service though. I was chatting to them and the young wife came and sat next to me. Her husband followed. I introduced myself to them and we exchanged names. They are from China. M, the wife, has only been in NZ for a few weeks. R, her husband, has been here longer I think around a year, possibly longer. L and I also introduced M to our Life Group leader, J. M may come along on Friday morning.

We had great worship and a thought-provoking sermon. It was also communion. Last communion service Miss L had asked if she could take communion. I replied that she could if she fully understood what it was about and what it meant. In the end she decided not to. Today she asked if she could come up with of course I said yes! So it was her first time taking communion :) An important step in her faith journey.

After the service I was able to introduce M & R to A, our senior pastor. I also found E, who is in our LG (Life Group) and who can speak Mandarin. So E and M were able to chatter away in Mandarin. Although E is from Taiwan and M from China they were able to understand each other easily enough.
I aslo found R who lives in the same street as M & R.

It cannot be easy moving to a new country so a few more connections would help.

Miss L and C left to go home and I wasn't long in following as C had to go out and so someone needed to be at home with Miss L.

Later in the afternoon I went down to see Mum at Johnsonvale, the rest home she is at. Dad and my bros, M & S, were there. They had to head off shortly as S was catching a train to Lower Hutt and being picked up from the station to spend the night in Wainuiomata. Tomorrow he is heading back up to Opotiki where he is living now and attending a truck/digger etc driving course. 

After spending some time with Mum I went to speak with one of the staff on duty as Dad had mentioned there was a problem with a pair of Mum shoes. It was suggested that we purchase a pair of Kumfs shoes and also some slippers that fit her feet better. As my feet are the same size I'll go try them on and then check them on her. I purchase them and then my sis, R, who handles Mum's accounts will reimburse me. I'll try to do it over next weekend.

Mum is doing okay although slowly detriorating :( It's sad to see but unfortunately is all part of her many conditions. One day God will take her home and she will be free from all these :)

The rest of the day and evening passed queitly and fairly early I was snuggled up in bed with a book :)

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