Monday, 15 April 2013

A busy week...continued

Thursday 4th April

So Master D had woken. I got him some milk and warmed it a little. He has just switched from formula to cows milk so I didn't think he would appreciate it cold from the fridge!
I turned on the lullaby music again to help to settle him. After he'd drunk most of the milk he thought that it was going to be play time!
He didn't want to snuggle in and settle to sleep on my it was back to the port-a-cot.
I thought that he may protest loudly but he was a good wee laddie. Apart from a few grizzles and the odd bit of talking he settled off to sleep finally.
I played the CD through twice.

I found this CD before Miss L was born. I used to play it to her when she was still in my womb.
When she was born I would play it...and it would help her to settle :)
I was delighted when I found it on itunes as our copy had become scratched and was skipping.
I bought it from itunes and have given copies to all the grandbabies...well their parents.
S specifically asked for it when she found out she was expecting. She remembers it being played for Miss L and it brought back lovely memories.

I was very glad of my rocker.

A had found one after Little O was born at the local Salvation Army shop. We looked on Trade Me and there were a lot in Auckland...pick-up only.
We were patient...and we found one :) I'd always wanted a rocking chair with my littlies so it's lovely to have one for grandbabies. A lot of people gravitate to it :)
Eventually I'll make a cushion for the moment an old woollen blanket suffices.
It adds a bit of warmth in winter!

After 2 rounds of the CD I turned it off. All the lights except mine were off.
Master D eventually settled off to sleep. I didn't go in till there had been silence for a while!
The door was ajar so I'd hear him if he yelled, and the night light was on.
I didn't bother trying to sleep as I knew I wouldn't settle till I knew he was asleep.
I'm like that...I like to know folk are settled in their beds before I sleep.
I have to be very tired or ill before I fall asleep with people up and doing things.
Even if they're quiet!

As it was now 2.30am I figured the partygoers would soon be arriving home.
I figured wrongly!
I tossed and turned, got up to the loo several times, heard several cars...not them.
The clock ticked on...3am...4am...5am...still no sign.
Hmmm. Hope they are all ok and nothing has happened.
No accidents, injury or trouble with police. Poor DH, his sleep wasn't as good as I was restless.
I think I finally drifted off just before the alarm went off round 6am!
I vaguely remember DH giving me a peck on the cheek as he left for work.
Five minutes later who should appear home but the partygoers!!
At 7.15 in the morning.

They were quiet and got themselves settled...but not long after I got up anyway.
Master D would most likely waken soon and Miss R was arriving around 9.15am.
No point in staying abed for me!
My favourite Jarrah coffe helped!! I made it stronger than usual.
Never mind the sugar and fat today!

Strangely enough around 8am my body, though tired, woke up anyway. If that makes sense.
Master D woke up and was talking away from the cot.
I went up and woke Miss L as she had requested the night before, then took Master D up with his morning bottle for Miss L to cuddle him while he drank it.
They came downstairs and by then I'd put some clothes on and toast was ready for Master D.

9.15am came and Miss R, her bro B and their mum E arrived.
B & E left after Miss R was settled, which didn't take long.
E had an appointment to attend and B was going on a visit.

Miss R was a busy wee girl. She will turn 5 in June..where has the time gone.
She showed me how she can play "Mary had a Little Lamb" on the piano.
Then I got out some paper and a box of colouring things. She liked the pastels and as they were chalk ones they weren't too messy, just a bit dusty.
She created several pictures and Miss L was busy as well. Miss R wanted to do some of the things Miss L was so Miss L helped her with that.
When Miss R had had enough drawing I brought out the Math-U-See blocks we have.
Miss R had fun playing with those.

This is what she built first...and wanted a photo of it like this. But you can't see the blocks underneath

I took this one :) We counted all the different combinations of 10 as well for a bit of extra "math".
Then she added more layers and this was the final result.

After Miss R was finished with the blocks she saw that Miss L was finger knitting. "Can I do some finger knitting too?" I managed to get a photo of her wee busy fingers :)

Pretty good for 4 1/2! We also read some books together too.

While all this activity was going on Master D was being a baby, playing as babies do.
The 5 partygoers had all bedded down in the one room! 
I did wonder about the "fugginess" of the room but left them to it.
They roused up around 11am and I suggested they open a window!
Master D crawled in to see his Mum, Dad had come out to give him a cuddle.
I told them all it was lucky they'd woken then. If they'd all still been asleep at mid-day I was going to go in with a metal pot and a metal spoon telling them time to get up. After all they're all more than half my age and had more sleep! If I can surveive on an hour and a bit so can they!!!

Turns out they drove to Makara. They had wanted to keep partying but hadn't wanted to disturb us by coming home. Oh well, such is life! 

Everyone pottered aound ...the sleepy ones eventually got organised.
 Miss R was picked up and went home with her bag of creations.

Eventually is was time for people to leave. B,T & Master D went off in their car and T & P went in their friend D's car.

A brief lull before I took Miss L and J.L to dance. Then home again after dropping Miss L and E-R off at Girls' Brigade.

DH organised some dinner which was lovely as I was feeling rather spacey and tiredness was really settling in.

It was early to bed for me...I don't think I managed to read for too long!

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