Monday, 15 April 2013

The rest of the busy brief!

Friday 5 April

Today I took Miss L for her physio appointment...she is growing at the moment which is affecting the strength of her achillies. Just has to keep plugging away at the exercises.

After physio we called in to Spotlight in Kaiwharawhara...Miss L was wanting to get some beads.
There were a few she the end she chose some.

I suggested that as her birthday was soon we give her a voucher for Spotlight.
When she realised she could choose anything from the shop she thought it was a great idea :)

I switched my phone to silent while we were at the physio...and forgot to switch it back.

When I thought to check it there were several messages. A couple from DIL A saying she didn't need me to drive her to her mum's....but could I take her to After Hours Dr as she wasn't feeling great and wanted to be checked before getting on the plane to Auckland that evening.

I'd been going to run up a guys leotard for J.L...but plans changed.

I drove out to pick up A and Little O from her mum's in Titahi Bay. We were lucky, there were only a couple of people waiting so A was seen fairly soon.

A was checked over and her chest and everything was clear so that was good..she'd been feeling a bit tight-chested and generally blah.

On the way back to drop her off at her mum's I called in to Baby Factory to see if they had any woollen baby singlets. They did and they were 30% off :) So I got 3 for S & J's wee one who will be born soon.
I need to get some for Master D as well but that can wait for another day.

In the early afternoon E dropped off some merino for me to hem on the overlocker. E's DIL had twins a couple of weeks ago and the merino is to make them warm but light-weight blankets.

Soon it was time to drop J.L off at his ballet class and Miss L and I went to hang out at L-M's while he was in class. It gives L-M and I a chance to discuss any business needed for the studio.

That's pretty much it apart from dinner & bed.

Saturday 6 April


This morning I woke up around 6.30am and lay awhile thinking about the things I wanted to get done today.
Quite a few things on my mental list.

I had a leisurely cup of coffee in bed and then went upstairs to watch a DVD.
Our Life Group is doing a study on David: Seeking a Heart Like His by Beth Moore.
I hadn't been able to go to the group this week as I needed to take Miss L to physio and J, our group's leader, had dropped the DVD off for me to watch.
I needed to hand it on to someone else after me as well.
It was interesting and looks as though it will be an interesting study. The format the DVD then over the week there are 5 days of homework for me!

While I was watching the DVD my DH cleaned out the fire box and got out the fire bricks.
Several are cracked and only 1 whole so they need to be replaced.

Soon after I'd watched the DVD we headed out to Porirua. First stop was to pick up the voucher from Spotlight. That only took a few minutes.
On to the Warehouse to see if there were any of the boots DH wears for work. He has size 13/14 feet so not so easy to get shoes for! None today so we'll look again. I had a look for merino vests there but none of those either.

I popped down to the Baby Factory and got 3 merino vests for Master D. I got size 2 as they'll last him a couple of winters hopefully as he is only 1yr old at the moment.

Then it was back towards home calling in at Ablaze on the way. I'd seen they stocked fire bricks. Yes, they could supply them but would need to cut them so could we leave the brick with them and come back in around an hour. We did.

DH choked a bit at the $39ea it would be around $200 for the five bricks we needed.
I pointed out we'd had the fire 13yrs, never had to replace them before and as he cleaned the chimney didn't have that cost either! He's a frugal man my DH :)

I got DH to take me over to the home where I needed to drop off the DVD. R & D were home so I had a quick chat. I knew one of R or D's parents was a property manager and wanted to ask a few questions. D said it was his mum and he'd check if she was going to be at church in the morning and introduce us.

We headed home for some lunch and soon after I went back out to pick up the bricks. DH had to cut one of them to fit as our fire has a wetback and it just needed a regular saw to do this.
The bricks are not brick in the sense of being concrete/cement as the old ones were.
They are some kind of composite and imported. DH said you could probably buy a sheet at a hardware store for a lot less...but apparently not.

I washed the wee vests I'd bought for S's "bump" the day before so it was one less thing for her to do.

I got a text from B asking if I could post over Master D's teething necklace and a bandage for the dog's paw. I had already thought about posting the singlets so put them all in a bag.
I was pretty sure the Post Shop shut at 4pm so walked down.
The Post Shop shuts at 12.30pm on Saturdays so I'd have to post on Monday.
I got a good walk anyway :)

When I got home I hemmed the wee merino blankets so I could give them back at church the next day.

A southerly had blown in and it was fairly cold so we lit the fire.

Years ago DH built this wood box

It has done a sterling job over the years. He brings home a lot of off cuts from where he works.
Lovely light cedar.

Some pieces are quite large and if we don't have kindling are great to chop up, they split easily with the tomahawk.

They also catch very easily...and spark a fair bit!
I've just lit the fire here, you can see the new "bricks" at the side.

Soon enough it was roaring and pumping out the heat :)

It's also handy for keeping a cuppa warm :) You can just see my cup at the top.

I love the warmth of a fire, and the sound and changing patterns of the flames.

Later in the evening I finished off sewing up the booties for the bump and crocheting ties for them.
Sitting in bed, with the TV on as background.
Then...sleep :)

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