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Tuesday 24 September

Well I've decided I'm not that great at the whole blogging business!
Partly because I need to share a computer with others. And at the moment we're completely computerless :(
Our one is with a friend being sorted, the one that Brains has been given is as well. Hopefully it will return with wireless capacity.
We've been lucky enough to have the use of Pa's. Today though he has needed to leave it with one of the people from his church so that she can input some financial data.
We're hoping to have it back tomorrow.
So I decided I'd try to use my new phone!
Since it's hooked in to our wireless it won't cost me data time if I do it when I'm home.
A bit slower but better than nothing :)
A week ago I wouldn't have been able to do even that as l didn't have my new phone.
Need to save this now as need to go pick up Pa.

Ok, finally found time to get back on to this blog.

As well as computer troubles life has continued to be busy.

I won't bore you with a blow by blow description.

One thing I will mention is that Callista, my niece, and her family are all back in their own home in Masterton.
So that is great. They've been back for a few weeks now having moved back at the beginning of September.
Settling back into their own home and finding a new normal.

Today has been a bit busier than some. I caught up on a blog I read. I usually do that after checking emails and bank balances. I was able to use Pa's computer to do that this morning.
As well as our own banking I check the balance, deposits and withdrawals for the accounts of the dance studio that I do the business administration for.
It doesn't usually take too long.

Later in the morning Pa and I headed out. We went out to Porirua to Warehouse Stationary as Pa needed to get some ink for his printer. We are hoping this is the reason it isn't working. As it hasn't been used for a while the ink may have dried in the cartridges. We tried to get some at Dick Smith Electronics but they had none and the shop assistant suggested Warehouse Stationary. We walked in, down to the area the ink was in and were handed some by a helpful assistant who was stocking the shelves.

From there we went a few minutes south to Kenepuru Hospital where Pa had a Physiotherapy appointment. He is doing very well all things considered. He did have to admit to having a fall yesterday. He was waiting for a bus and when it arrived forgot
didn't notice that there was a step down to the footpath. He went kersplat! Thankfully he didn't do too much damage. A couple of grazed places on his right hand and a bruise on his right cheek, also the right knee. Another passenger and the bus driver helped him up. The passenger later gave him a couple of band-aids as he noticed Pa's hand was bleeding. I had no idea of the fall until I picked Pa up later in the day. I did suggest that it may have been a better idea to call me and I could have gone and picked him up rather than him catching two buses. . . .but this is the fine line between independence and making someone more dependent on you. Sometimes things will happen.

The physio suggested Pa have his vision checked as it is a couple of years since it has been done and it may have changed in that time, or as a result of his changes in health lately. Apart from that she felt Pa just needed to carry on with the walking and everyday activities he is doing. He doesn't have another appointment scheduled although one can be made if it is needed.

After Pa's appointment was over we had a bit of lunch at the small café in the hospital foyer. Lunch over we carried on south to Tawa to the Post Shop. Pa had a couple of books he wanted to post to an old friend. Also a card to buy as it is Jamila's birthday today :)
We found both things Pa wanted and got the package posted.

Southward a bit more to D's home. Here Pa was going to instruct D how to input data to a cash management programme as she is taking over the job from Pa. Which is good as it is one less thing for him to worry about. Having turned 87 a few weeks ago I think he's entitled to do a bit less!

I took a book to read as I don't like to sit doing nothing. I'm currently reading Jane and the Chalet School, one that I haven't read before.

Ok need to take a break as my eyes are getting tired. Small screen of the phone methinks!

The rest of the day went pretty much as per usual. When Pa was finished at D's home I dropped him off for his visit with Ma at Johnsonvale. Then home to do a few things before I liked Pa up, dropped him home.
Then on to ballet with Brains & Locket. Being Tuesday I stayed as after ballet I take Locket and E to Hip Hop.
Then it was home again, dinner and not too much later an early night :)

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