Saturday, 7 September 2013

The last two weeks - Part One

Since the last entry a few things have happened.
Brains and Locket have been dancing with L-M for a few years now.
Last September her nephew was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma.
This is a type of cancer.
Nick battled the cancer well.
However, sadly, he died on the Wednesday of that week.
R.I.P. Nick.
The night of the 23rd August I went off to sleep.
I think I'd only dozed off half an hr before a text came through on my phone.
It was around 12.30am on the Saturday.
It was to tell me that A's waters had broken.
I asked if they wanted me to come over and the answer was yes.
So off I went to Titahi Bay where A lives.
Yup, her water had definitely broken!!
A was having contractions, they hadn't become regular though yet.
That is common in early labour.
A managed to doze between the contractions and I made a note of them.
B (mum-in-law) and I stayed awake most of the night.
I think B fell asleep somewhere around 3am.
I curled up on a chair but didn't really doze off.
At one point in time I lay down on the floor in front of the fire with a couple of cushions and blankets.
B was a bit scandalised when she woke!
She would have rather I was in a bed.
But I was comfy and the fire was warm on my back.
Around 8am the midwife called to see how things were going.
She decided to come for a visit around 10am.
At the visit it was decided to head in to the hospital. Not much progress had been made.
Due to a condition called Thalassemia A needed to go to Wellington Hospital
A was going to need an IV with Syntocinon
It was a long day and night for A and her husband V.
Around 2am on the Sunday morning the decision was made to do a Caesarean as the labour was not progressing.
Baby was not coming down despite A pushing for all she was worth.
As A had an Epidural which had been put in a couple of hours before she was able to be awake.
V went in to the theatre with A.
I waited in the whanau (family) room.
At 3.07am their baby boy was born. 7lbs 5oz, a good size despite predictions he was going to be small.
Mum and baby were doing well. V was a bit shattered by the whole experience.
V was told he could stay so I wended my way home.
Got home and fell into bed around 5.30am.
I'd had about 30mins sleep in 48hrs...since I woke up on Friday morning.
I managed to sleep off and on till noon.
Got up then as I know from doing night shifts years ago if I didn't I wouldn't sleep well that night!
Moneypenny arrived with Little Sunshine soon after.
She'd decided to come to us and go in with me later to see A again. And her new nephew of course.
We went in later in the afternoon and had a short visit.
I gave A a wash as her skin was feeling all itchy. Apparently the medications.
B (mum-in-law) had given her a wash earlier too.
The midwife caring for A that night was someone I've known for years.
We left the hospital around 6pm.
Headed toTawa first to drop off Moneypenny and Little Sunshine.
Then on to Titahi Bay to drop off V.
I had a quick cuppa before I went on home.
I was still feeling pretty tired.
Monday One of the ladies from church dropped off a pair of curtains for me to repair.
I'd said I'd do them some weeks before.
Before life went a little crazy!
Then I took Pa to an appointment at Kenepuru Hospital.
We'd been rung a few days before as there was a cancellation.
It meant we got to see the Rheumatologist earlier than the initial appointment.
She thought that Pa's arthritis had been grumbling away for a while before the strokes.
She prescribed a course of prednisone in the hopes that the arthritis would settle down.
This would mean Pa could get more function back in his right hand.

Then it was home and a quick change before heading out again.
This time to pick up Al, another mum who is at the dance school.
She has known L-M for over 10 years.
L-M had asked us both to attend Nick's funeral.
I picked Al up from The Terrace where she works.
It was a lovely funeral though I was a bit perplexed by it.
Photos, but none with his grandparents, aunts & uncles or cousins.
Perhaps the family were closer to their friends than their actual family.

I managed to get the curtains repaired and drop them off.
At least I'm pretty sure I dropped them off on the Monday!

Tuesday Absent-Minded Prof was sitting his restricted licence.
I went with him as a fully licenced driver is supposed to be with a learner.
Despite booking online you still have to fill in forms at the licencing venue.
And you need proof of your address.
A-M Prof forgot to take any. So I had to do a mad dash back to their home to pick some up.
Unfortunately A-M Prof didn't pass.
They are pretty strict.
He failed on the reverse parallel park.
Apparently he tried to do it in a way different to the way he normally uses!!
Of all the times to choose to do that.
So he will have to re-sit.

A lot of folk fail it first time around.

Later in the day I went in to pick up A, V and Baby.
They were being discharged.
At 1.30pm.
I arrived before find things had changed.
A paediatrician had weighed baby.
This is not usually done till day three.
He'd lost 10% of his birth weight.
Most babies lose some weight.
The paediatrician thought they should stay in.
They wanted to go home.
I was looking at a baby who seemed to be behaving as a normal newborn does!
The midwife on duty agreed.

So in the end they went home.
We picked up Locket on the way.
Dropped A,V & baby at Titahi Bay.
Back via Tawa to pick up Estelle who we take to Hip Hop as well.
 Then home!

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