Saturday, 28 September 2013

History Fair

Friday 27 September

This morning we were off to the WHEN  History Fair.
It's the first time one has been held in Wellington.
After getting up and organised we headed out to Whitby
to where the fair was being held.
The first part was viewing the exhibits.
I took photos of a few that I really liked.

The young lad who did this exhibit gave a very good talk about the fire.

This eagle is extinct. There is some more info on it here

This is my great-niece Zali's 18th Century cottage

I loved this one, and the fact that Molly was in costume :)
Little House on the Prairie is one of my all time favourite series of books.

There was quite a variety of topics, more than I can show here.

After some of the young ones gave talks there was a break for morning tea.
Then there were various activities to do.
Butter making, grinding wheat with a mill and millstones, spinning, flax weaving are some of the ones I remember.

Both Locket and Brains went off for a walk with friends.
 One of the young lasses who went with Locket's group had been told not to
so was not popular with her mum. Oops :(

Brains and Locket enjoyed catching up with friends.
I was able to catch up with friends as well, and meet new folk.

When the fair was over we wended our way home.
Pa had called Johnsonvale earlier and they were still shut to visitors.
So he caught the bus into Wellington City to go to the barber that he has been going to for years.
Although I think it is the original barber's niece now who does the cutting.
After that he went on to his old home to do a little more sorting.
I sent him a text to ask him when he'd like to be picked up.
He called the landline and suggested late afternoon as he wasn't able to go and see Ma.

I did some work on the computer and then popped down to get a few groceries.
When I got home Butcher, Chuckles and Half-Pint had arrived.
They are going to go for a WOF for their car tomorrow.
So they had come over from Featherston to spend the night.
It was going to be a full house!

I wasn't home long before I needed to head over to Wadestown to pick Pa up.
 I left instructions for Locket to tidy off the bench.
Brains had to sort out the fire although I think Butcher took over the job.
Butcher has always like to start the fire.
Half-Pint was excited to see us all.

Pa was all ready as I text him that I was on the way.
He had quite a few things to go back to our place.
I also emptied the freezer of the packets of beans and peas that were in there.
Vidor is taking it tomorrow so it needed to have nothing in it.

When we got home Locket and Brains made their pizzas.
I used to always make the bases but often buy them now.

 These are the ones I usually get for Brains and Locket - Gluten free

These are the ones I like for us.
I got mine and Pa's ready...1/2 for me, 1/2 for Pa
Boar prepared his.
We do ours whilst Brain's and Locket's are cooking.

I'd arranged to pick up our computer in the evening.
Ate my pizza on the way.
We needed to go to Stokes Valley, about 20-25 minute drive.
We stayed and visited a while before we headed home with the computer.
It was all ready to go.

Home around 10pm and Brains hooked up the computer.
All he was very pleased.
P is going to cobble together another one for Brains as the one he was given was infested with malware and wouldn't run.

The sleeping arrangements were thus:
Pa in his room, Boar and I in ours.
Brains and Locket in their own rooms.
Frosty and Jester in their room with Mr Magoo in there in the bassinette.
Mr Magoo usually sleeps in the bassinette in the lounge but....
Butcher and Chuckles were in the lounge on the foldout sofa bed.
Half-Pint was upstairs in the rumpus area in the portacot!

I was very happy to clamber in to bed as I was a bit weary.

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