Friday, 23 August 2013

Life Quietened Down? Not quite! - Synopsis VI

The days kept rolling along.
Pa was continuing to recover and be a little less tired.
He had several check-up appointments with an Occupational Therapist.
Also a stroke nurse.
Callista has made good progress as well and the family are going to be moving back to Masterton soon.
Things seemed to be settling down.
And then came the news that our daughter, Frosty, and her fiancĂ©, Jester,
along with two month old Globug had to move out of their rented home within a week!
This happened suddenly....a dodgy landlord, who claimed not to be the landlord.
Can't really say any more than that.
They had nowhere to go and Frosty asked if they could use the Compact-A-Van

This photo is from when we were camping in the summer.
It's better than no roof, or a tent.
Not ideal really, but better than the street.

They mainly use it for sleeping.
Jester has hooked up a TV in there too!
It has a double berth, a single and a hammock type 4th berth that fits above the lower one.
Globug sleeps in the hammock type berth and the two dogs! sleep in the lower berth.
Though I did take out the mattress/cushion as the dogs sleep on a blanket.

So the household has swelled again!
Frosty, Jester and Globug have the use of the house too.
We share the cooking, sometimes I do it, sometimes Frosty and Jester cook.

They have been looking for a new place to live.
Not easy.
Sometimes real estate people don't get back to them.
One real estate person didn't turn up to an appointment!
They have come to the point where they are prepared to give up their dogs.
Most places won't allow 1 dog, let alone 2.
They will be able to re-home both dogs,
but it's not an easy thing to do.

They managed to pack up Jester's 10 years of stuff in just a few days!
That is how long he had been in the previous home.
Most of it is stored in a friends garage.

It is a testing time for them but they are pulling together.
We are able to build a closer relationship with Globug which is lovely :)

Apart from that happening life has been busy.
Moneypenny's sister-in-law A is expecting her first baby.
A has asked me to be at the birth as a support person,
sort of a Doula
Besides birthing my own six I've attended the births of all three of my grandbabies.
It's quite special to be asked to be at the birth of A and her husband V's baby.
I've got to know them fairly well over the last few years.
A is a little shy of asking some questions.
Also there can be quite a lot of information to take in.
 I am able to answer most of their questions or go over the information with them after appointments.

Ok so that's the final synopsis. Yipee!!
From now on I'm going to try to blog every day or so.

I do not know why but I've been having an error message pop up on Blogger when I use the main computer.
One blessing is that Pa has a laptop :)
And I am allowed the use of it.
We upgraded to wireless internet as Pa had it at home.
Plus it means he can use his computer/internet if someone else is on the main one.
Pa settles down around 8pm each night.
So that is the time I am able to use his computer!
And since it is wireless I am able to sit in bed with the laptop and use it there.
Nice and warm :)

Right now I'm about to shut it off as I can feel my eyes are trying to close.
I might manage to read a bit of the Fifth Cadfael omnibus I'm currently reading.
Probably not much though :)

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