Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A New Beginning

Wednesday 8 October

I've been reflecting on whether or not to keep this blog going. My reasons for starting it up, does anyone actually read it at all, does it matter to me if they don't, who is it for?

I've decided that, YES, I'll keep it going. I started it up for me, as a record or chronicle of my life, from my point of view. My thoughts, feelings and opinions. Of course, it involves rugrats children, mine and now my grandchildren as well. 😍 And my husband, Boar. Can't possibly forget about him 😝 Plus all the extended family.

I also decided that if no-one ever reads it or comments I'm quite happy about it. My blog is primarily for me! If others choose to read it, thank you :) Be warned, I do lead a very ordinary life, no dining out - well hardly ever - no trips abroad, I don't go to cafes very often. Just as the blog title says. . . A Quiet Life, most of the time!

I don't promise to post every day, though I shall try. Who knows, perhaps one day the grandchildren will be vaguely interested in some of the things their grandparents did and want to read about it!

I decided a new look was a good start, along with my decision of a couple of months ago to "pull myself out of the doldrums."

It took me quite a bit of time to get the page looking how I wanted it and now it is more than time I was asleep! So I shall go and chase Brains off to bed and settle down myself. Before I do I'll load one photo.

 These are our resident cats. The grey is Briar, and the tabby is Noah. In actual fact they belong to two of our daughters! Briar is Smurfette's and Noah is Frosty's. However because the cats are good friends - most of the time - the cats stayed here when the girls moved out. Also due to "no pets" where they were each flatting.

Right now I am going to sleep! 🏨 I shall have eyes like these tomorrow 👀 Just discovered I can add these with the pop up keyboard. Now to see if they publish as pictures or symbols.

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