Friday, 17 October 2014

The Wilderness Garden - Part 3

The days pass by pretty quickly and sometimes there seems to be too much to do to find time to blog! I thought about an entry about the last week . . .and then decided to continue on with loading these images of "the hill that is the backyard!"

So . . .
One of the chooks doing her job, in "Garden #7" according to my diary. The cross bar is part of the frame and will have bird netting over it when seedlings are planted.

Random garden art I guess you would call it. Boar put this here as he liked it. I think it is part of an old transformer - the kind to do with electricity. Beside it is a seat . . . grass a bit long at the mo.

The outside of the greenhouse, with it's own rainwater tank. And more of the horrible lily! Beside the tank is my coaster . . .very important! I often take a cuppa up to the garden.

Fennel grows pretty freely here as well. I know it has culinary uses . . but I don't use it for that. Compost will probably be it's destination! The tap is part of our watering system. As this part of the backyard is up about 25 steps and a couple of paths Boar put in a two way tap adaptor by the backdoor of the house. So we can turn the hose on there and then direct the flow up to this tap as a hose would not reach all the way. And if it did it would be pretty cumbersome!

The outlet to the tank outside, hiding in the horrible lily! Some of the garden tools hanging up. Saves carrying them up from the garage, which is under the house! So add another path to the 25 steps! Boar mentioned on Sunday day he will build a small shelf to sit the watering can on while it is filling :)

An inside shot of the main part of the greenhouse . . .hmmm needs a good sort up! Grass clippings in the green bag for mulch. 
Some of the bird netting we use on the frames. You can just see the top of the blue bin that contains chook feed pellets. Hanging in the plastic bag are old pairs of tights we use for tying tomayoes to supports.

Down the side of the greenhouse. I want to clean this area up and build a small retaining wall so it is easier to walk around the outside on this side.  The chooks head under the bushes on the left and roost in one of the trees!

Sunflower windmill, I've had this a few years and got it because it makes me smile. And on cold, dreary winter days it's a bit of colour :)

A brick path and steps we built a few years ago. Has grown weeds very well! I will be salting these soon to get rid of the weeds and if I do it regularly it will hopefully inhibit them.

This is a Camellia. I got it probably around 25 years ago. It had no tag and so I have no idea what it's name is. Perhaps one day I'll be able to search the web or take it to a camellia society to find out. I love the shade of pink this is! It's hardy and always flowers well.

I think all of us in our family enjoy feijoas. A number of year ago I planted three feijoa bushes. You have to have a couple of different varieties for them to bear fruit. We have had a some blossoms, and even some tiny fruit last year. I need to read up on them and more than likely prune and feed them. This is one and the next two photos show the other two.

You can see they are two different types, slightly different shapes.

This is another view of the last feijoa bush which is being encroached on by a Karaka so I shall have to cut it back - the Karaka that is.

That's it for today. I've been trying to find out how to add Smileys in the body of the text. It involves HTML code and what I've found and what I see in the code don't quite match up! Perhaps I'll have another try one day soon :)

Update! Took another look and found this blog which had a very clear, easy explanation and a less-than-proficient-techie like me managed to do it no problem  :D  So a big  =D>  to Snow Cone and  :-h  from me! Couldn't resist!

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