Monday, 13 October 2014

The Wilderness Garden - Part 2

More photos of the "hill that is the backyard"

Manuka bush. I planted 5 of these in 1996. Three remain today.

A close up of the manuka flowers. They're in full flower at the moment.

I could hear a native bird singing and snapped a quick photo. Pretty hard to see from here, just a black blob!

A tui! In full voice, you can see the white feathers at the base of it's neck. I tried to move closer to take another photo but it had flown away.

Matai, this is still in it's juvenile form. This is one of two I planted, again in 1996.

The deck from the back. a nice place to sit, have a cuppa and look at the view, even though it is a bit of a climb!

This photo is taken when I am standing at the fence at the back of the section. The greehouse is the small roof, and the house roof is the large one just below the archway.

A lone bluebell I found growing in the grass. I've marked the place so I can uplift the bulb and replant it!

Another of the Manuka bushes.

This just caught my eye. A moth or caterpillar case on the fence.

The foreground is scrubby, the trees in the background have grown from seeds most likely dropped by passing birds!

Gorse, grows like a weed. Brought over to make hedges but it liked the NZ conditions too much and did too well. Although it makes a nursery plant for the native trees.

This chook seemed to like my company and kept following me!

Some of the steps up the back. Rather overgrown at the moment. I made these to make it easier to get up the back. When we moved in it was just a bank, like a piece of farmyard.

A close up of the liquid compost bin. This liquid tea will be well matured!

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