Friday, 10 October 2014

Thursday 9th October 2014

A better day today. Woke up to beautiful sunshine! I woke a bit later than usual. A couple of late nights/early mornings and I find it harder to wake up in the morning.

No car, again, as it was still in the garage. While I ate my toast I checked out some Cinderella music on iTunes. Miss Lisa had asked me to have a look for it. Composed by Prokofiev. I found there were 500 listings! I did find some pieces of music I thought were what were needed so sent a text asking her to call so she could listen to them. A reply came back saying she had been in contact with someone and hoped they could get it. A while later she text to say the person had been able to procure it for her! Which was great, though it would have been nice to know earlier as it would have saved me some time. Still, I know more about it now :)

I spent a while writing an email regarding the tree felling yesterday. I was just sorting out which photos and had mostly composed the letter part of the email when I heard voices and realised people were arriving. It turned out to be Pete, Isaak and Nikolas. They had come to share some lunch with us. I found out later that Brains had left me a note on my cutting table, however I hadn't been up there yet.

They stayed a couple of hours and then headed off home. By then it was getting on for 2:30pm. I decided to head to Twigland, the closest garden centre to us. I wanted to get some advice on the invasive lily that grows all over. I also wanted to get some new leather gloves as I've misplaced one of the pair I bought some years ago. I thought about walking, but in the end I drove as to walk there and back would take more than an hour and I had to pick Pa up around 4pm.

I had a good conversation with an employee at Twigland. She knew exactly what I meant as she has the same problem! Always at this time of year she said. She has found the best approach to be digging over the garden to get as many out as possible. She also suggested layers of wet newspaper to suppress them then putting the earth back over the top. Also when they come up the next year to pull the leaves out when they appear. Apparently it starves the bulbs, and they eventually die off. In the end I decided on this rather than Roundup. It would be rather tedious to paint it on all the leaves and there are the chooks as well. Plus I haven't used any weed killer for a very long time.

I did end up buying some leather gloves, some secateurs and a hand trowel. I also bought some tomato plants, a cherry tomato and some Moneymaker. I will plant them in the greenhouse.

I decided to get some flower seeds too. I've wanted to grow some Pansies for ages so that is what I got! I'll plant some in a seed tray and put them in a pot for now.

I had another quick word with the lady who I'd spoken with about the lily's. She said she tried to spend 15 minutes in the garden every day! I thought I'd misheard. Perhaps she'd said 50? I said, "15?" and she confirmed that was what she'd said and that you'd be surprised what you could get done! I commented it was like FLYlady and she just nodded. I think she thought I was surprised when she said 15 minutes. I was . . . but because it was like hearing a God Breeze right there in the shop!

I wended my way home and took the things inside before I went to pick up Pa. We drove by the garage where the car is and could see someone working on it.

I decided I would do a couple of things in the garden. I usually wear my boots up the back, especially after it has been raining. They give me a better grip on the uneven ground, and my usual shoes don't get muddy. The ones I usually wear are like the ones below Oboz Wind River. They support my ankles as well. Today I decided to use my old leather Kathmandu ones. I didn't find them as good, mostly because they have always been a bit large.

The first thing I did was to put a stick by the flower I found on Sunday. I'm pretty sure it is a Bluebell and I would like to take up the bulb when it has finished flowering. But I'd have trouble finding it again without something to guide me. It may be the hispanica variety. I'll have to check.

I hadn't been up there long when Locket called me to ask about the soup she was making for tea. And told me Frosty and Jester were here. I went down, and they then came up to have a look at the branches all over.Neither were impressed with what they saw. Jester offered to bring his chainsaw down next week.

It was just a quick visit to drop off my bank card which had been left in their truck. When they'd gone I went back up to do a bit of something! I was determined to. I decided to tackle the first garden.

 The nesting box is pretty well covered. It sits below the first garden.
This is what happens because I haven't kept on top of it. If I'm honest for quite a few years. I took my timer up set it for 15 minutes and started pulling.

The 15 minutes seemed to take ages to pass. I was pleasantly surprised by what I got pulled out.

Heaps to do but a small area cleared which the chooks soon found as I knew they would! You can actually see the nesting box and the wood of the garden surround. 

Handy things feed bags. It is chock full of the leaves. I'll be able to compost them. I'd forgotten to take the camera with me so went to get it and also to see how Locket was getting on. She had the soup well underway. I grabbed some paper to make some notes on. Later I made a wee notebook. I find it handy to have for ideas, things I need to do. Not flash but it works and can fit in my pocket.

The day was cooling down so after making a few notes I headed back inside. Locket's soup was very yummy. I wasn't long out of bed where I've spent time writing this. Will have to work out a way to get quicker at it I think!

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