Thursday, 9 October 2014

My bucket overflowed!

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Today started off pretty well. The Holden Vectra needed a Warrant of Fitness and service checks so Boar took it down to Johnsonville Car Maintenance where we've been going for years.

I had my usual coffee and later some toast while I checked emails and the bank balances, the dance studios and ours. I also planned my day. Not that it needed much as I was mainly going to be cutting out the lion costumes for the Hip Hop concert.

Once I'd got myself organised I headed upstairs. I worked from around 10am till 12:30pm then took a break for lunch. Sat on the bed and put my feet up for a bit. . .and ate :)

Around 1pm I went into the lounge to say to Pa I could take him down to Johnsonvale Rest Home to see Ma when he wanted me to, and he replied he was ready now. So I went down to check that the Hiace van would start, and it did :)

I was down to Johnsonvale and back home again in around 5 mins.

On and off during the morning I'd been hearing voices and what sounded like a weed-eater, from inside the house. But I realised it had been going on for longer than the weed-eater usually takes. And from outside it sounded like a chainsaw and close by too! Hmmmm, I thought. Best I check this out as it sounded as though it was next door or behind us.

Got around the back, looked up the section and, yes, the huge Macrocarpa was being cut down. When I got further up I could see there was another tree being felled as well. There were branches over on our side of the fence up against the fence. I continued on up and endeavoured to get the attention of the arborist, which wasn't easy as they had chainsaws going.

Eventually one of them saw me and I asked why we hadn't been told. I was informed that it was short notice. Excuse me?! Most people don't just suddenly decide to have a huge old tree cut down! Which is the neighbour's right as the tree is on their property. However . . . I'm pretty sure we should have been informed, especially since the guy up the tree called where I was standing "the work site". Interesting name for property we own.

I'm not going into all the details here. Suffice it to say that I took a few photos with my phone and then went down to get the camera. I took quite a number of photos, then went and sat down on a seat that is lower down than the deck.

This is what I could see. It wasn't this so much as the guys attitude that was the one drop too many, and this is when my bucket overflowed! An expression someone used once to me when we were talking about emotions. I sat and looked at that tree, and at all we've tried to do in almost thirty years. All of  sudden I was overwhelmed by the way some people seem to think they can do whatever they like without so much as a by-your-leave. 

I don't cry very often, but today I just sat there and sobbed. On Sunday I was up here with Halfpint and yesterday I was up here with Little Sunshine! Now the weather has warmed up I'm gearing up to tidy, prune and get things looking better. After a while when I was calmer I went down and took a photo of the car they had arrived in. It had their business name on it.

 I took this photo on Sunday, one of a whole lot I took of the backyard.When I went back up the back I took some more.

This is what I found when they'd gone and I coud get close enough to see.

I somehow don't think the tree that was fallen on is going to survive.

Brains took this, proof positive if any was needed! 

 When I'd made a couple of calls and picked up Pa I went back up to the backyard. Locket came up and later Brains. With their help I was able to pull some of the branches away from the fence.

Right now I'm pretty tired and so I'm going to finish up and post this :)

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