Monday, 20 May 2013

A Beautiful Birth

Wednesday 8 May

Today we were blessed to welcome a new baby to our family. Frosty, our second daughter and her fiance, Jester, have been looking forward to the birth of their first baby.

Frosty was due around 2nd May, had been doing well then there was some concern that he was not growing as well as expected, his weight was guestimated,  and I do mean that word! at 2.8kg  roughly 6lbs! which used to be considered fine as far as I know, though now the average baby is 8lbs apparently!

This had meant a a couple of CTG monitorings plus an extra scan. The decision was reached that if Frosty hadn't gone into labour by Wednesday that was induction day.

Frosty was by then having contractions, many of them pretty good ones according to the monitor...though she wasn't finding them painful...strong, yes, but she has a high pain threshold.

So the morning saw us arrive at delivery suite at Wellington Hospital by 7.30am. Frosty, Jester, ''the bump'' and I was there as an extra support person.

The midwife soon arrived, plus another who had been seeing Frosty for her antenatal check-ups.

Things soon got underway around 10am and the contractions sped up. Frosty handled the contractions well, and found the nitrous oxide aka "laughing gas" worked well for her. Jester did a great job of support, I tried to stay as much in the background as possible.

The contractions got more intense as they do closer to the birth and soon baby's head was crowning.

I've been very blessed to be at the birth's of my three grandchildren to be born so far.
It is amazing to see them born. Very special...and a bit nerve-wracking as well.

Baby's head emerged, then the rest of his body. At 1pm and weighing 3.2kg, 7lb 1oz.
He was lifted to his mama's tummy...the midwife commented that his cord was short.

 Frosty just wanted to hold her blessed baby, and Jester wanted to be there for them both. So the midwife asked if I wanted to cut baby's cord and I was delighted to :)

When the rest of the cord and placenta were delivered it turned out the cord had torn nearly all the way across!!

The midwives concluded it had happened just as he was born...there had been a bleed which was thought to be from Frosty, but was probably from the cord.

Words cannot convey what I was feeling then...relief that all was ok, love for this newest wee one.
Most of all thanks to God for keeping this wee one safe.
If the cord had torn earlier it could have been a very different story.
Baby most likely would have died.

Thanks also that Frosty was well and healthy as too.
Frosty and Jester had cuddles, and later Frosty dressed her wee son.

I was delighted to have cuddles as well.

For this blog the newest member is to be Globug, for now :)....Jester says baby looks like a little globug when he is all wrapped up with his wee hat on!

After a wee while we headed off as Frosty and Globug were spending the night at
Kenepuru Maternity ward.

We dropped Jester off home as he needed some sleep.
We picked up Brains and Locket so they could come and meet their newest nephew.

After settling Frosty and Globug at Kenepuru Maternity I went and picked up A-M Professor, Monneypenny and Little Sunshine so they could visit for a wee while and meet Globug too.

We didn't stay for long as the afternoon was wearing on and I knew it could all catch up with Frosty soon.
Plus Smurfette was planning on calling in to visit her sis Frosty and nephew after she finished work.

I did text Frosty later in the evening to see how things were going and all was well.
Globug was nursing pretty well, learning as all babies need to.

So that was Wednesday 8 May 2013...a full day welcoming a new life.

Each birth is miraculous. We are very blessed to have a new little one in our midst.

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