Monday, 20 May 2013

Happy Birthday Brains!

Sunday 19 May 2013

Today it is 16yrs since our 3rd son & 5th cild was born!
The time has gone so quickly

His blog name stems from the fact that he is a bright lad and he now wears glasses :)

Brains was up before I left for church so I was able to wish him a happy birthday before I left.

I am one of the three helping with the littles one at childrens church this term'.
It keeps us busy and they are entertaining wee beings!
They are between 2 1/2 and 5-6yrs old.
One young lad is very full on with not much sitting still ability.
I had the task of keeping him out of mischief.
We meet at a local intermediate school so there are computers
and all sorts for him to get into!

After church I popped into the supermarket and then home briefly.
I was going to Lower Hutt with Frosty, Jester, Globug and Jester's son D, as they
were looking at buying a new tv.

We got that sorted, though it was a bit of a mission!

Home again and I threw together a Gluten-Free sponge.
I had organised the dinner but had to leave it to Boar to put the chicken on,
do the veges and get them on.
Mr P arrived as he is having dinner with us tonight.
I put the sponge in the oven, then headed off to pick up
Moneypenny and Little Sunshine from Titahi Bay and take them home.
I had a quick cuppa when I dropped them off then headed back home.

The dinner was mostly ready and I was given a ribbing for arriving late.
I'd said I'd be there at was 6.09pm!!

Boar and Brains had been moving furniture as a sofa bed had to go from one room to another and a bed from upstairs to downstairs to go into the room Mr P will be using.
Plus there is "stuff" I need to sort through.

I quickly made the gravy then we were ready to eat.
Usually there are many more of us...but we decided to have a joint dinner with everyoone next week.
It is Smurfette's birthday next week...exactly 1 week after Brain's.
So with a joint dinner everyone doesn't need to come out 2wks in a row!

We had a great time around the table, chatting and spending time together.
Brains had some good conversation with his Grandad, Mr P.

I tucked up into bed soon after he left just before 9pm.

I'm reading the Third Cadfael Omnibus...stories set in the 1100's
It's kind of like CSI in the 1100's as there is usually a murder and Brother Cadfael, a monk,
helps figure out whodunnit!

I'm enjoying them, but I couldn't keep my eyes open for long!

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