Monday, 20 May 2013

A busy 10 days

The last 10 days have been busy, visits to see how Frosty and Globug are doing, dancing classes, visit's with other family and the general running of the household.

Frosty and Globug are doing well. Globug is gaining weight well after a small loss as many babies do just after birth.
Globug is nursing very well and settling into a bit of a 3hr pattern....some of the time :)
Frosty, Jester annd Globug have been out and about.

Last Monday I went to the CAP Money course in the evening. Our church is running one. We've always had a budget but I wanted to see if I could refine it any as things have been a bit tougher lately.

I've implemented the ideas so hope things will be a little easier :)

Tuesday a friend, M, from Lower Hutt visited, she stayed a few hours and we chatted
and shared time together.

Wednesday I went out with A-M Professor, Moneypenny and Little Sunshine as they
were looking at cars to buy.

Last Thursday Frosty walked up here with Globug in the buggy to have a visit.

Friday I went to Life group and watched the next session of the DVD Bible study we are doing.
In the afternoon I picked up Moneypenny and Little Sunshine so they could spend the afternoon with us.
I made a lovely Spag Bol for dinner with Tuna sauce for Boar as he doesn't eat meat.
I used lamb for the Spag Bol and Brains, Locket and I all decided we prefer beef!
I took them home around 7.30pm which is when A-M Prof finishes work.

Saturday.....Went over to my dad's, Mr P, to help with the sale of the organ. As he will soon be moving in with us not everything can come. He needed this organ to go so I suggested trade Me.

I sold it via Trade Me on Mr P's behalf and the buyers had arranged to come then.
Boar asked if he should come to help with the lifting but I had the impression the buyers
were not taking it then.

As I found out there had been a misunderstanding I and had to call Boar.
He didn't take long to arrive and it was soon loaded up.

It has found a new home with Raetihi Gospel Chapel, which pleased Mr P very much :)

Then it was home and off again to pick up Moneypenny and Little Sunshine.
The family had bought something they needed help with transporting.

It was delivered and Moneypenny and Little Sunshine came back here for some lunch.
The plan was to take them to her mum's inTitahi Bay later on.

I got busy making up the toile of the tutu bodice as the client and her mum were
coming after 5pm for a fitting session.

Little Sunshine and Monneypenny had a nap...and when they woke it was 5pm and Moneypenny decided that she would go home instead of to her Mum's.

Client arrived and the fitting went well though as expected there are a few adjustments needed.

After that I took Moneypenny and Little Sunshine home and spent a short time chatting with them and son A-M-Professor. He's pretty tired as he is working long shifts and Little Sunshine is a night-waker which means their nights are interrupted. Less sleep, more tiredness.

Some dinner then I tucked into bed...but didn't stay awake long.

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