Friday, 24 May 2013

The days fly by

Friday 24 May

The days go by so quickly! Here it is Friday already and despite intentions of blogging every day I haven't seemed to find the time.

Monday morning Locket woke up and she wasn't feeling too well.
Sore tummy and sore throat.
No dance for Locket today.
I was tired after a full weekend so relaxed with a book for a while.

Sent an email to find out if there were still tickets for the Infinite Dance crew who had some performances as a fundraiser to get to Worlds comps this year.
Brains wanted to go and watch.
No dance for him today as his class was on when the Crew were performing
and his teacher is part of the crew!
Checked back later and booked him a ticket for Tuesday at 8pm.

I know other things happened...but they've already faded in the mists of time...
even though it's not that long ago!

I went to the last session of the CAP Money course.
I enjoyed the challenge of just using cash...not using Eftpos though it took
a little getting used to in the beginning.
Just a different way of thinking. Though it was how I grew up!
Before the days of Eftpos and internet banking.
Tried to get into the online worksheet but it's telling me I need an updated browser.
Hmmmm....more thought needed on that one!

Did some thinking and ringing re beads/sequins for the tutu bodice I'm making.
Went to Soptlight the other day. They used to have a really good range.
They still have some but not the type I am wanting!
They are getting a new supplier in around a month.

Quickly altered and hemmed a pair of pants for Moneypenny's sis-in-law.

Locket still not feeling well, not quite so bad but definitely not up to any dancing...
though I did suggest she go over her Barefoot.
The comp is next weekend.

Brains got on with some book work.
Math, physics and chemistry.
He wants to learn Latin so will check out some resources for that.
It looks as though there is some marking for me to do.
Locket also did a little Math.

A-M Professor popped in with some fish his bro-in-law had caught over the weekend.
It had been frozen over the weekend so was defrosting.
Guess what's for tea tonight!
Little Sunshine was asleep in their new car, so I popped down to chat
with Monneypenny and give her the pants for her S-I-L.
And of course have a peep at Little Sunshine

Their new and first car is very like this one...A 2007 Toyota Corolla Fielder.
Very nice to drive. I know as I helped test drive it :)
And got to drive it from the car yard to their home as Monneypenny doesn't drive....yet!
A-M Prof was at work when we picked it up on Saturday.
They've been saving hard and so paid in full.
It should do them for years.

While we were talking a neighbour, G, popped out with her husband, M, to say hello to
A-M Prof  & Monneypenny and have a peep at Little Sunshine.
Then another neighbours daughter, J, her husband and baby drove past
then pulled up to say hi.
They have recently returned from America where J married M
and their wee one K was born.
They've now come here to live.

Brains went into Wellington City on the train.
He had some books to return to the central library, and a voucher
from JB Hi Fi he'd been given for his birthday.
From Smurfette I think.
He came home later with a couple of DVD's.

Took Brains out to his ballet class, then popped back home.
Locket again not well enough for her class.
Boar got home and so he peeled spuds to make chips and battered the fish and cooked it
while I picked Brains up from his class.

A quick dinner then I took Brains into the city for the show he was watching.
I decided to go to the Tararua Tramping Club meeting.
It is close to where the show was and around the same time.
More fuel efficient than returning home and going back into the city later!

The speaker was talking about 50yrs of mapping in Antarctica.
It was really interesting with a lot of cool photos.
Brains would have enjoyed it too.

Brians and I met up where I had parked the car.
When we returned home Brains and Locket wanted to watch one of his movies

They both really enjoyed it. I'll have to watch it some time soon.
I went to bed and read for a while, then chased them both to bed when the movie finished.

 Wednesday's/Thursday's posts will have to wait as I need to get
cracking on a tutu bodice now!

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