Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Curveball - Synopsis IV

There are times in life when you find out that a person is just not nice!
Smurfette had been enduring a situation for a while.
It came to a head.
Not in a good way for Smurfette.
She was accused of doing something she didn't do.
It could have had serious consequences for the rest of her life.
I have gone to bat for any of my children when needed and it was sure needed now.
Smurfette was devastated by the accusation.
It is just not in her character to behave in the way it was said she had.
I rang one of the ladies in church whose husband is a lawyer.
Over the weekend I spent many hours researching on the internet.
I wanted to have some knowledge at my fingertips.
Also I didn't know if I would have to represent Smurfette at a meeting or not.
Thanks be to God I didn't have to.
Not really my forte!
We were put in contact with a lawyer from the same practice as the lawyer at church.
We had a meeting with her on the Tuesday.
As I thought proper procedure had not been followed in the situation Smurfette was involved in.
The lawyer told us that it hadn't.
Wednesday we attended the meeting.
I was allowed to be in the room, however did not have a speaking role.
Probably just as well.
I behaved myself so I wouldn't be asked to leave!
The meeting was adjourned by our lawyer as Smurfette was given several pieces of paper to read.
This was info that could have been given to her before the meeting.
Our lawyer adjourned so that Smurfette would have time to read, process and respond.
The meeting would resume the next day.
We met with the lawyer again later on the Wednesday.
The next day.....there was some backpedalling by the other party!
I felt they didn't really even take much notice of Smurfette's version of events.
Almost as though their minds were made up beforehand.
And no thought on their part of admitting that they could be wrong.
Smurfette was adamant that she was resigning.
She had been putting up with some insidious bullying.
She had kept a log of situations.
I was very glad that Smurfette had the lawyer.
She did a great job and represented Smurfette very well.
Smurfette was happy with the result of the meetings.
I haven't gone into specifics as I don't think it necessary.
The people involved know.
And it offers a degree of protection to Smurfette.
Smurfette has handled the whole situation very well.
It helps that she has the backing of the whole family and her friends.
I'm very proud of her for how she has coped and for doing her best to stay positive.
It's not easy sometimes to do that.
Love you lots and lots Smurfette 

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