Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The days go on

The Thursday - 20 June   

I got up in the morning and after some breakfast got on with the tutu bag.
It went together well and didn't take too long to make.

I had it mostly completed by the time I went in to see Dad around 11am.
I had planned to have it finished and deliver it.
I had a few more closures to put on it though.

Both Brains and Locket wanted to come and visit their Grandad.
My sis, R, was also coming over from Masterton with her youngest son.
We arrived slightly before them.
I checked in with the staff to see if there were any changes.
Not really.

My sis had just received some sad news.
A friend of theirs had just that morning died.
He had been battling cancer.
Rest in Peace J.

We had to head off at 1pm.
The ward closed but we also had to go home as I needed to complete the tutu bag.
Brains and Locket also needed to eat and get organised for their dance class.

When we got home I got on with the tutu bag.
It didn't take long to finish it.
I got a text from the dance teacher to say that the young teacher who normally took the younger childrens class had injured herself.
Miss L-M was going to take the younger kids and could Brains do something with his own class.
Usually they do comtemporary.
Today they were going to do some Hip Hop.
Brains rose to the challenge and sorted out some music.

Their cousin, R, arrived after having text me to check we were home.
He and his mum were visiting Mum and updating her on what was happening with Dad.
The staff had given her one of Mum's hearing aids as it needed fixing.
R delivered it then spent a short time with Brains and Locket.
Sis R arrived soon after, I'd said we needed to be away by 3.30pm.

I dropped Brains and Locket off at dance and headed back across the city.
The reason I'd wanted to drop the bag off earlier is that the Hospital is in Newtown and the tutu bag needed to go to Island Bay.
The two suburbs are relatively close together.

By this stage of the day the wind was really blowing.
A Polar blast had been forecast for the entire country.
The wind sure was blowing strongly when I got to Island Bay.
The client lives across the road from the beach.
Bag delivered I headed back to Tawa to pick up Brains, Locket & E-R.

The weather was wild! Really strong winds.
We stayed at E-R's home for a while as we usually do on a Thursday.
We left a little earlier than usual as I wanted to have plenty of time with the rain and wind.
On a Thursday I drop Locket and E-R off at Girls' Brigade
Locket has been going since she was 5 and E-R from soon after we met her.
Which if I remember correctly is when she was 9yrs old.

The girls safely delivered I headed home with Brains to sort out some dinner.
There were already reports on the news of trees blown down,
power out in a lot of places.
We were expecting the power to go out as ours often does.
This time though we were lucky.

I had a text from Miss L-M to say their power had gone out and did we have any spare torches! Or candles.
I sent a torch via E-R as I figured she would need some way of getting from the car to the house.

In the end the leaders decided that E-R would go home with the leader who lives in Tawa.
I don't think Boar was very happy about it.
He is a much more experienced driver than the young leader.
Not much you can do on a wild, stormy night other than tuck up warmly in bed!
We were fortunate that we had power.
Many would spend a cold night.
As we have a woodburner we have heat, can cook on it plus it is a wetback so when it is going it heats the water as well :)

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