Thursday, 15 August 2013

The rhythms of life - Synopsis III

I found over the next few weeks that the rhythm of life changed.
I guess that always happens when someone joins the household.
Pa had his routine at home when he lived on his own.
A fairly regular routine as I've discovered :)
He has his breakfast round 8am/8.30am.
Morning tea at 10am.
Lunch at 12noon.
Down to see Ma at roughly 2pm.
Home around 4pm.
Dinner when we have it organised!
Bed around 8pm.
In between times he rests, does the exercises he's been given to do to help with his recovery.
Soon enough it was July.
Butcher has a birthday on 4th July.
So here is a very belated Happy Birthday to Butcher!!
We love you heaps Butcher!
Which reminds me. Butcher's work is by contract month-to-month.
He was re-hired which he was really pleased about.
We all were.
He is being taught how to use some of the machinery at the sawmill.
Sounds as though he is progressing well.
I'm very proud of him for sticking to it and doing his best.
It's not easy when you have been out of work for several years to get back in the groove.
Learning anything new is always a challenge.

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