Thursday, 15 August 2013

Major surgery - Synopsis II

I went to church as usual in the morning.
I discovered I'd left my mobile phone at home.
Wasn't too happy about it but nothing I could do till I got home.
When I got home I found a missed call.
I listened to the message and found it was from the hospital.
Called the ward and found that Pa was having the operation that day!
Hmmmm....they don't generally operate on a Sunday.
Let the folk know who needed to know.
Popped in to Johnsonvale tell Ma that Pa was having the operation.
Found her with tears running down her cheeks.
My sis had told her Pa had the second stroke.
Ma somehow got it in her head that he had died!
Poor lady.
The staff told her it wasn't the case but I don't think she fully believed them.
I was able to reassure her that he was alive and doing ok.
She was a bit happier after I told her a few more details.
The operation was a Carotid Endarterectomy
Pretty complicated, but hopefully would help prevent further strokes.
The operation went well.
I was called to go into recovery as Pa was a bit confused.
Pretty common after surgery.
Pa ended up in recovery almost 24hours as his blood pressure was playing up a bit.
When I got home even though it was almost midnight I called Johnsonvale as they'd asked so they could give Ma a message when she woke that Pa was doing ok. 
Pa continued to improve and after a few days was discharged.
He did have one little glitch.
He had a seizure or blood pressure drop.
It was never fully decided!
Once Pa came here I gave him breakfast in bed the first week or so.
The stroke alone can cause fatigue, let alone recovering from surgery as well.

This is his usual breakfast. Two pieces of toast, the toppings change though.
Black tea. Plus the tablets!
By now it was nearing the end of June.

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