Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Life just went CRAZY!! Synopsis I

There I was merrily blogging away trying to remember the days Pa was in hospital in June
THEN.......Life got a little busier.

By then Pa was living with us and doing ok.
I just found that my days were even busier.

So I'm going to give a synopsis of the last few months!!

I'd got up to the Thursday Pa was in hospital and an expected Polar Blast!

We had it all right. Extremely high winds and damage all over
Here is some info about the storm.

I mentioned that Pa had decided to have an operation.
So the hospital in its wisdom decided Pa would be more comfortable at home
waiting for the operation, scheduled for the following Wednesday.
Pa wasn't so sure.
So on one of THE worst days since the Wahine disaster Pa was discharged!
He came to our place rather than to his home.

I was very glad he did.
Early hours of Saturday he had a second stroke. Again affecting mainly his right arm.
Except this time it was hanging there pretty uselessly, though he did have some movement.
Just before 7am I called the hospital and then an ambulance.
It was wet, cold and he was in his pyjamas.
Also though he had walked to the bathroom I wasn't prepared to have him walk down the path.
It's not too bad, but can be slippery and....
what if he had a further stroke or his leg went from under him??

We had been caring for our newest grandbaby, 6wk old Globug as well.
I got him organised and left instructions. Locket got up to help Boar look after Globug.
She's a great little mother :)

So it was back to the emergency room.
Pa was readmitted as I expected.
I was texting to see what was happening with Globug too.

I went with Pa up to the ward then headed home.
Globug had been picked up by then.

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