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A Whole Seven Weeks! Part 5

Monday 14 April - Wednesday 16 April

Monday 14 April
We were all a bit tired after the weekend.
I had some computer stuff to catch up with.
Towards the end of March we'd made the decision to go with A.C.E
We also decided to affiliate with Home Schooling NZ
I'd paid the registration and received some information.
I'd also completed and returned the two Parent Training Modules or PACEs.
Sent in the paperwork I needed to.
Principal Todd had spoken with me again.
He told me I was refreshing to talk to!

I'd received the email with Brains' and Locket's PACE levels to start at.
I'd spent time figuring out the different PACEs in the Scope & Sequence.

This morning I'd put on my business hat.
My L Dance Studio Business Manager hat.
It was time for the term fee accounts to be done.
I also draughted an email and newsletter.
It took a few hours to get through what I needed to.
Miss Lisa got in contact and said if Brains' leg wasn't great to skip dance for him.
He has RAD Advanced One coming up later in the year and she didn't want his leg made worse.
After speaking to Brains I made an appointment for him to see a physio.
Couldn't get an appointment for Monday but could for Tuesday morning.

Suddenly I realised it was 12.25pm!
And that it was Monday!
And that Locket was supposed to go to choir on Mondays!
She would usually be up before this.
However she'd been chatting to me till the wee hrs the night before.
She was SO excited about the comp results.
I went upstairs. . .and she was still asleep!
I woke her and mentioned choir, she just shook her head.
Too tired.
She hasn't been enjoying it the last few weeks.
Has decided she won't continue next term.
I'm happy with her decision.
Locket did as I asked and went for a term before deciding.
I don't think you can make a decision based on one class unless you intensely dislike what you are trying.

I went back to finishing what I needed to after waking Locket.
Brains was a sleepy head too.
Soon they'll have to be up and working so I don't mind if they sleep in now.

Miss Lisa moved Locket's class time forward as Brains wasn't dancing.
It is viewing week this week.
I got food organised for dinner so that I could stay and watch.
I took my laptop with me.
While I was watching I downloaded the Product Catalogue for A.C.E
I'd emailed and asked for the code I needed to download the order forms.
Then I realised I needed a Credit Card Authority form as well.
Forwarded the same email with a bit added!

Locket did well in her classes.

Tuesday 15 April
Moneypenny has had some itchy spots. 
She'd made an appointment to get them checked.
I headed over to pick her and the girls up by 8.40am.
Appointment was at 9am
We made it on time.
Poppet, now 5 months old, had fallen asleep.
So I stayed in the van with the girls.
Climbed in the back with Sunshine and spent the time amusing them with balloons.
Amazing how the simplest things will keep wee ones entertained.
Poppet woke up after around 10-15minutes.
I managed to keep her entertained as well!

I noticed a patch of skin on Sunshine's face.
I queried with Moneypenny what it was.
She didn't know. It had just appeared.
Hmmm. . .looked suspisciously like ringworm to me.
I suggested Moneypenny pick up a cream from the chemist.
Moneypenny was a bit horrified but I assured her lots of kids get ringworm.
Several of mine did!

My mobile rang and Moneypenny took the call.
It was Chuckles.
Her midwife wanted her to have another scan.
Just as a check up.

After I dropped Moneypenny and the girls off I came home to pick up Brains.
 His physio appointment was at 11.10am at Te Aro Physio
I have found them so good for injuries related to dance.
They were suggested to me a few years ago.
Both Brains and Locket have been treated there.
Managed to find a park not too far away.
The parking building next to Reading Courtenay has been closed since July.
It's the closest parking to the physio.

The good news was that Brains' injury wasn't too bad.
Kieran, the physio, wanted Brains to keep dancing.
Kieran asked Brains about his future plans for dance.

For the first time in years I heard Brains say he "might" go on to a dance school like 
I managed not to whoop, holler or screech with excitement!
Why? Because when he was 5 years old I asked Brains if he wanted to do dancing the next year.
To my surprise he answered "Yes! and the next year and the next and the next til I'm a professional dancer!"
I decided I need to listen to such a definite answer.
Most little boys say fireman, policeman, truck driver etc.
Not dancer. 
I didn't even know that he knew there was such a thing as a professional dancer!
Then quite a few years ago he went off the whole idea.
So, for me, this was big news.
BUT it is only a "might" as he firmly told me later.

So if any family are reading this. . .don't pressure the lad.
He's not auditioning yet!

I rang Chuckles when we got home.
She had been seen by an Obstetrician and he had decided to admit her.
Bubs didn't appear to have grown.
The most likely scenario was to try and induce her the next day.
Butcher and Halfpint stayed the night at a friends in Masterton to save going back to Feaherston.

I got busy and checked my emails.
Fantastic! A reply from SCEE who I needed to order the materials from.
I managed to figure out how to order and to email it off.
Easter being at the end of the week I knew the warehouse woud be shut for days from Thursday.
The materilas need to come from Australia.
Todd had sent some info but I wanted to get in before that arrived.

At dance later C let me know that it's better to have the total under NZ$399 so you don't get stung with tax.
Ooops! Mine is more. Quite a bit more.
She suggested I contact them and ask to split it.
But I wanted all the PACEs I ordered as they are "gap PACEs" and Brains and Locket may get through them quite quickly.
The suggestion is to allow 2-3 weeks to complete a PACE.
Considering that Locket completed two of the old ones in about 2 hrs each. . .
Suffice it to say they may do the initial ones more quickly!
They are at a higher level but I think she'll get through one in a week.
The next order I do will be smaller.
But I think she may get through a couple of years work this year.
We shall see.
We shall also see how Brains does! I just hope he doesn't slack off straight away.

After dance finished we came home and had dinner.
Then I made a list and we went shopping.
Since both Locket and Brains have Coeliac Disease I need to provide all their food for Easter Camp.
We do get a discount on the registration fee which is good.
I wanted to get the food so that thigs were more or less organised for camp.

Brains had said he would cook the meat sauce tomorrow for one of their meals.
And it would do dinner for Wednesday as well.

Wednesday 16 April
Today I spent some time getting things organised.
Made a list of the things Brains and Locket would need to take to camp.
Plus to remember to pack the food from the fridge and freezer.

It was pouring with rain this morning!
Hosing down.

I'd heard from Chuckles and they had started the induction process.
Chuckles was examined and had Prostin gel inserted to try and get things going.
So I knew there wasn't a great rush.
They were going to reassess around 3pm.
Still my gut was telling me to go over there.
I generally listen to my gut.
I've found it's usually a nudging from God!

Pa asked to use the phone at one point.
I heard him asking about hiring a rental car for a week.
He said to me he didn't think we were making the most economical decision regarding the van!
I was like "Say what?" as the kids would say.
It would only cost me round $40 to drive over the hill and back.
A weeks hire would be an awful lot more!

There were a few things I needed to get so picked them up.
Locket came with me to the shops.
Then I dropped Pa off at Johnsonvale so he could visit Ma.
The daily routine. When the weather is good he walks down.
Then I skedaddled over the hill.
After filling my tum with some McD's!
The drive over was fine, the weather was better down at sea level.
I think Pa had been worrying that I'd  have a prang in the van.
When my shoes are wet they have slipped on the pedals a couple of times.
I mentioned it to Boar, in Pa's hearing.
That can be all it takes for Pa to start worrying over something!

I made good time over the hill.
Found Chuckles wanting things to be moving along.
Butcher was there as well.
Halfpint was at a friend of Chuckles' in Featherston.
Bri has a boy around 4 and a wee 3 month old girl.
Chuckles was examined again.
Not that much change and so more Prostin Gel. More waiting.
If labour didn't kick in by itself soon the medical staff wouldn't interfere overnight.
I.e. rupture membranes etc.
After having the gel inserted Chuckles had to stay on the bed for an hr.
She also had to be monitored by CTG to check on bubs heart rate. 

Once Chuckles was allowed off the machine we went for a walk.
Would maybe speed things up. Maybe not.
When we were talking earlier Chuckles said that the day before she'd spent a bit of time crying.
I'm not surprised. It's upsetting and scary to think your baby's life is in danger.
I'll never forget how I felt when we nearly lost Smurfette in utero.
I was upset myself driving over the hill when my thoughts turned to "what if?"
I'd asked a couple of friends to pray and was praying myself too.

Butcher went down to Featherston to take some nappies to Bri's place.
Bri had already bathed Halfpint and put him in some outgrown PJs of her son's.
They decided to leave Halfpint there for the night as he was quite happy.
And Bri was happy to have him.

Once Butcher came back the waiting game began again.
Chuckles was uncomfortabe walking too much.
She was also getting tired as she hadn't slept well the night before.

I'd rung my nephew, Kato, and he'd said sure. . .stay the night.
Earlier in the day I'd let Frosty and Jester know I more than likely wouldn't be able to have Mr Magoo as planned.
Talk about feeling torn!
Mind you, I'm sure they know I'd be there for them if the positions were reversed.

Around 9pm Chuckles asked if she could be examined to see if anything was happening.
Not much change.
The midwife suggested Chuckles try and get some sleep.
That Butcher and I went to Kato's.
Chuckles was quite sore and they had said she could have Panadol.
I suggested she did to try and ease the pains so she could sleep.
Then we headed off after I'd left my mobile number with the staff.

Butcher drove us down the road to Kato & Callista's.
A couple of minutes drive is all it takes.
There were lights on.
But Kato had told me he went to bed around 8.30am.
Because he got up at 2am!!
Callista had been out till around 9pm.
They had been going to leave the door unlocked.
But I'd said I was staying at the hospital.
They didn't know Butcher was coming but I knew it would be fine.
It was.
Hated waking them up, but knew we'd be in big trouble, especially with Callista, if we didn't.

I knocked but no response. Then knocked a bit louder.
Heard Jake the dog!
Then Kato came to the door bleary-eyed with sleep.
Callista was asleep.
Kato showed me my bed, in the girls' room.
 Was sorting Butcher out when I heard Callista's voice.
We had a big hug.
Haven't seen them since September last year when they went home after she had recovered from surgery for her Aortic Dissection in July.

Butcher went straight to bed.
Callista insisted the pie I'd had wasn't enough and fed me Spaghetti & Meatballs
Yummy, and I was a tad hungry.
Thanks heaps, Callista xxx

We talked for a while.
Then I headed for bed.
Just took off my jeans and climbed in.
Left my socks on though as I didn't want cold feet!
I slept in Hana's bed as she'd climbed into the one I was meant to be sleeping in.
I turned my phone up to it's loudest setting. . .just in case I got a call in the night.

So blessed to have family to go to, though a hotel would have done at a push!

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