Friday, 18 April 2014

A Whole Seven Weeks! Part One

Good Friday, 18 April 2014

Can it really be a whole 7 weeks since I posted in here?
My calendar tells me it is so!
It doesn't feel as though that much time has gone by.
Obviously it has.

So. I've been looking back through my diary.
Lots happened.
Life was busy. . .when is it not? I ask myself.

Last time I posted, 28th Feb, was the first night of the Frame of Mind show
Brains was in this and I really enjoyed it.
Ariel did a great job with the choreography and directing the show.
As well as dancing in it herself.
There were two shows: Friday 28th Feb & Saturday 1st March.
I went to both. Boar, Locket and Smurfette came to the Friday show.
Locket and Smurfette enjoyed it so much they came to the Saturday show too.
We were all very proud of Brains.
Miss Lisa was very proud of him as well.
The other dancers are all 2 - 5 years older than Brains.
And either in dance training school at tertiaty level or have been through one.
Brains is 16 and still a student at a local dance school.
But he kept up and did very well.
Here is a link to the review
It was a great review for a first show.
Brains is the "much shorter counterpart"!

The next week saw us finishing off Pa's old house.
The painting and varnishing.

I'd said to Moneypenny that I was going to scrub the kitchen floor.
My goodness gracious me! I don't think it had had a decent clean for many, many years.
Here is what I did the first night  & next night.

Then I spent most of a day at the house scrubbing. . .well about 4 hrs!
Just a bit to go.

Here are the two products I used.
The red bottle is a bleach gel, and that is what lifted most of the grime.
There was an interesting odour too. . .a bit like over ripe mouldy cheese! as I scrubbed.
The colour difference was pretty amazing.
And there was a PATTERN! Who would have thought.
It is cracked in places, having been down around 40years.
Still serviceable for now though.

Friday 7 March we met with the property manager to get all the paper work signed.
She also needed to take photos.
Saturday 8 March was moving day :)
We got most of the big items moved in.
A-M Prof and Moneypenny thought they may stay at her mums place.
They ended up staying the first night in their new home.
All the neighbours and long time residents of the street are very glad that family are living there.
So are all of us siblings.

Saturday night Butcher and Chuckles stayed along with Halfpint.
We were all attending a wedding the next day.
Butcher was one of the groomsmen.
So Sunday 9 March @ 3pm saw us at the wedding.
A few minutes late and the bride was ON time!!
Not usual for a wedding.
We had a bit of car touble as Butcher's car has issues!
A lovely wedding and Halfpint was a hit as he jived on the dance floor later.
At the grand old age of 23 months!

A busy weekend and I was glad to climb into my bed on Sunday night!

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