Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Quiet Day

Easter Saturday 19 April 2014

Another chilling out day. Yes, there is a lot I could be doing. Quite frankly though, I'm pretty tired.
It's been a busy time since June last year when Pa had his strokes and moved in 9 months ago.

There hasn't really been a chance to take a break. There are the two dogs we dog sit, plus Pa.
In the New Year when we usually go away we weren't able to, in part due to Boar's hand. Also due to the resposibilities here though.

That's life and this is the season of caring for elderly parents. A good season albeit with it's storms.

Today I've continued to update this blog. We did go down to the shops to get a few groceries and also some Easter eggs for people.

We called in to Shampoo Plus to show Frosty the photos of wee Lil Battler. She commented on how blue he was. I said, yes, there were a few minutes when they were encouraging him to keep breathing. A bit scary!

Boar cooked dinner again. A simple dinner of fried tomatoes, fried eggs, baked beans and toast.

Wonder how Brains and Locket are faring? I know everything is well unless I hear otherwise.

Ok, finally this is updated. I'm now going to do something other than blog!

Night for now!

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