Saturday, 19 April 2014

Good Friday, 18 April 2014

Just chilling :)

I think this is the first Easter in 27 years that we haven't had any of the children at home!
It was strange to be elsewhere and not able to kiss and hug my two youngest before they left for camp. They were probably relieved :)

My younger brother, Perry, arrived here at about 5.30 in the morning. He'd come down on the overnight bus. Boar had offered to go and pick him up. Perry walked from the bus stop in Johnsonville. So no need to. He walks a lot in Auckland so this would have been a stroll for him.

I dozed off again which surprised me as they were talking quite loudly. When I fully woke I wandered out. Had good intentions of going to the Good Friday Service.

One little problem. By the time I found out when it started, 9am, it was about. . .8.50am! I was still feeling quite tired so just flagged it.

I spent the rest of the day being a real lazybones. I was productive though. I managed to almost catch this blog up. No mean feat that!

I'm going to start keeping running notes in a file on the computer. That way I can copy and paste. Might make it a bit easier.

I text Chuckles to find out how things were going. They were going well. They'd both had a good night. When the two boys met Halfpint sat next to Lil Battler, smiled, waved and whispered hello. So sweet :)

They ended up going home later that day. The Maternity Unit gave them some Milton tablets and formula as the shops were closed.

I looked through the papers that had come from HSNZ. Had to chuckle when I saw the code there. And instructions on how to order. Also to keep it below NZ$399 inc. freight. Also that I can do it all from HSNZ site.

Oh, well, I know now! Won't make the same mistake twice. And will have to pay, literally, for being impetuous.

Tomorrow I'll search to see what books I can find. Some we have, some we don't.

Boar organised some dinner. Even though there are no children here there are still two other adults who need feeding!

I continued blogging after dinner whilst half pie watching a movie. I kept going till around 1am when my eyes were beginning to close.

The photos below were taken on 19 Feb this year. Just to show how the weather can change in a matter of hours. This photo was taken before 8am. We can usually see right across the valley. This photo looks across the road.

This photo looks south towards the city.

The next one I thought was pretty cool, I took it as the sun was trying to shine through the cloud. It was taken about 10 minutes after the last two.

This last one was taken around 11am, 3 hours later. This is roughly the same angle as the first photo.
It is also what we can usually see! Except when the mist rolls in.

That's it for this post.

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