Friday, 16 January 2015

Clearing the branches

The weekend of the 11th October, after the trees were dropped, I was deciding what I'd do for the day on the Saturday when around 9:00am I heard Jester's and Frosty's ute pulling up outside. They arrived with Jester's big chainsaw to help us clear the branches lying around. 

Jester was not impressed with what he saw. Having worked in the forestry department when he was younger he knew that it was possible, and usual, to drop the branches without any damage or even having them land on our side of the fence.

So we got to work.

Jester starting to trim branches off the main stem before cutting it up. All the safety gear.

Co-operation, Brains helping Jester, and Boar trimming smaller branches off with the loppers. I'd been busy using the loppers as well.

Frosty came up and took over from me.

One of the girls coming to have a look, they always like to see what is happening.

I was relegated to Mr Magoo watching duties  :)  Advantages to being a grandma!

Thirsty work this!

The damage to the tree, Jester removed the branch and the tree will be ok.

Locket came up to help as well. 

Mr Magoo decided he'd make his way closer to the action. Climbing the steps I made years ago. After a while we headed inside as I needed to get Brains to a dance practice.

Locket went to the loo and I heard a yell/squeal . . . turns out unbeknownst to her she'd brought in a 
spider. And a good sized one too. Brains caught it so we could release it outside. None of us were keen for it to stay inside!

We headed off to the dance practice, and I decided I'd do some more weeding when I got back removing more of the lilies.

This was what I was planning on weeding and what it had looked like a couple of days before. I'd cleared a very small patch. One of the girls was quick to hunt for grubs!

Later I found that Boar had got busy with the weed-eater and whacked the lot of it. Helpful, albeit a bit messier. It does make it easier to see where the garden is though  :)

A good days work, all the branches cleared away. Times like these I really appreciate the family coming to help. We all work in together and the children work hard to help out. A wonderful blessing  :) 

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