Friday, 16 January 2015

The Wilderness Garden - Part 7 - Devastation!

8th October 2014 - the day started well. I was busy doing some cutting out of fabric upstairs. After a while I became aware that I could hear what sounded like a motor that had been going for a while. Close, and behind us. I went out the back to listen and realised it sounded like a chainsaw. Heading up the back steps I was greeted by the sight of the huge Macrocarpa next door, plus another pine, being cut down. I quickly used my phone to take a couple of photos.

The trees are on the other side of the fence - so it is legal for them to be cut down. Still, I was shocked as we had not been informed it was going to happen. We have a a fair few structures up there, the chooks roam all over, plus it was where we had been the day before with Sunshine. And Half-pint on the weekend. I could already see that there were a lot of branches on our side of the fence.

I went up closer to find out a bit more. It took a minute or so but I did eventually get their attention. That was one thing that concerned me - I got all the way up to the back fence, when no chainsaws were running, but they still had no idea I was there!

I asked what was happening, i.e. why branches were being felled on our side of the fence. The guy up the tree said not to worry as the owner of the other property was going to come over and clear the branches. I replied, "No, he's not!"

Next the guy was yelling, "Get out of our work site!" To which I replied that I was on my own property, not their work site. At which point he turned on the chainsaw, lifted it - lopped off a sizable chunk of limb. I just stood there, well out of harms way. That whole scenario was repeated, except he cut off a larger chunk of limb, and the woman cutting down the other tree chimed in with the fact that they were going to fell the other tree, which I could see.

By this point I'd had enough, especially of the guys rudeness and threatening manner. I did leave, but only to go inside and get my camera to take more photos.

By the time I got back the smaller tree had been felled.

In the one above the white arrow is pointing to where one of the chunks of limb has fallen and probably rolled.

The next photos show the tree and limbs against the fence.

Watching this giant tree come down upset me a lot. It wasn't the tree so much as we'd known for years it was likely that it would be cut down. It was the attitudes of the people! The previous owner could be a bit of a crochety old guy, but he always called or came to tell us if he was going to cut any limbs off. Because he didn't want the children to get hurt if by any chance they were up the back. These people seemed to think it was fine to go ahead with no notification whatever. To me it shows they have a distinct lack of respect for other people and their property.

I decided to find out if there was a company name anywhere so headed back down to the house. 

Well, look at that! All nicely lined up. I also left a note in the neighbour's letterbox letting him know I was not pleased that we'd had no notice at all. 

By the time I got back up there the big tree was down. A little while later the neighbour saw me up the back and told me, "I didn't think." Seriously?! I said we'd keep the wood on our side. He said he'd be moving the branches on his side that were leaning against the fence "soon". 

That evening I decided to try and shift some of the branches from the fences as there was a lot of weight on them. Brains and Locket gave me a hand.

This branch was a big one and fell a long distance. Plus damaged one of our trees. I know it is possible to fell branches with no damage to neighbouring places or foliage. Just beyond where this branch fell was the tree Locket and Sunshine were sitting in the day before! 

Starting to pile some of the logs together.

Some of the branches were too big and heavy so we'd have to wait for Boar to help us. Most likely with a chainsaw. 

Remember that the neighbour said he'd move the stuff against the fence "soon"? Well, I took a couple of photos today - 15/01/2015 - which is three months later. And guess what?

Nothing against their side of the fence seems to have been moved. I think he plans on either selling or chipping the wood! 

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