Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Wilderness Garden - Part 5

I'm going to continue this series on the garden so I can get caught up and start afresh. A bit of continuity! I'm hoping to get it done over the next couple of days.

This is the underneath of the playhouse. There is a path down to it, and the ladder goes up to a trap door Boar made in the floor. Onion weed too I see!

This bush, I'm pretty sure, is a native fuschia, Fuchsia excorticata or Kotukutuku. Note to self to take some to the garden centre and ask.

This other bush I have no idea what is is and have never liked it. We chop it back from time to time as it gets in the way of the longer pieces of washing! Might be a case for some painted on round-up, or an organic something of the type!

More dratted lillies round the clothesline post!

I think Boar intends this to become "garden art". It would look pretty cool with multi-coloured fins I reckon! I see some potential there. Some quick drying spray paint and some masking tape - a long summers day and I could get it done before Boar gets home from work  :D

Here we have the steps leading up the back - just a little overgrown! Makes getting to the washing line a wetting experience after the rain!

One of the gardens at the side of the house. It does grow mint and there is a rose that grows up the trellis at the end.

And there's the rose, a miniature, with a random lump of wood sitting on the trellis frame - just because!

No idea what this is, in the pot! It does have a pretty cool flower. It's some kind of succulent I think. If I remember correctly the people Boar was working for at the time were throwing it out . . . so he brought it home - as you do.

Jasmine plant.

Through the gate and down the path to the drive. Lots of onion weed. We sure do grow that well!

The corner part of the fence. I would like to return this to trellis but would need to convince Boar.

Here is the corner part of the garden at the bottom of the path. Behind is the retaining wall we built so we would have a flat area outside the house for the children to ride bikes etc around on. I have had plants growing in here but it sure needs some attention.

The firewood stack, which is getting depleted! We usually have quite a lot which we get for free, but this year for the first time in years we had to buy some.

This is Mexican Daisy which is apparently a weed! In the native bush at least. It's very pretty though so we have a few patches of it around.

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