Friday, 16 January 2015

Discovering the Wilderness Garden

On 7th October we had Sunshine come over for the morning. We had lots of fun. At 2 1/2 years Sunshine is just at the age to be able to handle getting around our back yard. She also loves drawing.

It was a lovely day so I decided we'd head up to the backyard.

First, though, we needed to change out of these pretty white shoes  :)

Heading up the back steps, now that Sunshine is changed into leggings and gumboots.

The chooks came to be fed & Sunshine did a great job helping.

We continued on up the back and found . . .

. . . the trampoline. First time on one and Sunshine is not too sure about it.

We went down to the deck and Sunshine had fun picking leaves off the cherry tree . . .

. . . and floating them in a tiny bit of water in the lid of the liquid feed bin.

Locket came up and went on the trampoline with Sunshine, who soon found the fun of jumping  :)

Checking out the chook coop to see if anything is in there, but no, they're all outside.

Sitting in the tree "fort" that Locket helped build years ago! 

Back down in the front yard and Sunshine decided the concrete needed to be swept. When she was finished we went inside for some food and play until Mum & Dad arrived to pick her up.

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