Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Wilderness Garden - Part 6

I'm getting there  :)  This post won't be quite as long but the next will make up for it. It will become evident why!

Down by the garage I found a lone Bluebell. I'm just not sure if it is a Spanish or an English variety. I'll have to remember to take better note next year to how it is shaped etc. If anyone reading this knows please enlighten me  :) 

A pic from the front of the property. The Hebe needs a good prune - or to go!  The grey van is now gone, sold to a wrecker. Served us well for 17 years. 

The strappy flax like leaves in the middle of this picture, hanging over the edge, are in fact Ixia plants. The colour of the flowers on these ones is orange. More weeds in front  :|

The Hebe, a native, grew from a seed. Any tiny bit of soil they pop up!

Bricks - I have plans for these, possibly paths, or a low wall. I haven't quite decided yet.

Not too sure what this is, and it may go too. It's not the prettiest plant I've seen and is a bit unruly.

A buttercup - just because I love them, they make me smile and think of summer.

Um, yes, well! The state of that just about sums up the state of the whole garden!  :">

This one is from up the back, because I forgot it before. The compost bin hiding in long grass and . . . behind a Hebe. I did say they self-seed and grow easily. It will have to go too.

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