Thursday, 1 May 2014

Roll Call updated - yet again!

In our family, as in any, there are changes. We've had a couple of additions since I did the original roll call. Time for an update. Then I will be able to link to this post in future ones.

There's the head of the DH...who will be Boar. Then there is me..I'm Mama lovelies call me that so I decided that would do :)

Our oldest son is to be Absent-Minded Professor, A-M Prof, for short. His lovely wife is Moneypenny, and their wee girl, who is just turned 2 years, is Sunshine. Their new baby is Poppet, and she is now 5 1/2 months old.

Our oldest daughter chose Smurfette, for herself.

Our 2nd son has chosen Butcher,  his girlfriend is Chuckles and their wee lad, who is 2 years old now, Halfpint. All these names are from a 2012 Snow White movie called Mirror Mirror. There is a list of the Seven Dwarfs names on Wikipedia, more than I expected, quite a number of different ones. Recently Butcher & Chuckles had a new baby boy, so for now I have named him Lil Battler.

Next in line is our second daughter Frosty, which is what her fiance calls her. He is to be Jester and their son is Mr Magoo, which is what Jester calls him. Mr Magoo is 11 months old now.

Then comes our third son who I've named Brains, yup, after the guy on Thunderbirds.

Last in the line up is our youngest daughter Locket, it's what I've called her for years.

Then there is our extended family. I've decided to put them in another post so as not to make this one too long.

Except for Ma & Pa, who may sometimes be called Mr P & Mrs P, depending on what I remember to put! They are my mum and dad. Boar's parent's both died some time ago, before either of our youngest two were born.

That's us so far!

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